Thursday, January 31, 2008

suzuki Motogp 08

thats the way a ha' a ha' i like it. Thats how you do it in the corner. Body position....relax...steer to the apex...look through the exit and blast offff

Capirex from duc to suzuki this year

Chris and suzuki has improved so much last year...2008 we can expect to see the competitiveness of several machines.
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kawasaki 08 motogp new ride

can west and hopskin take this green goblin to the podium this year?. well i bet they can and they will.
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Fiat Team Moto Gp 08

One Team One Goal but different tyres and different paddock. Can Rossi win this year since he got his new bridgestones .well we see
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If you have faith and believe in yourself, you will succeed in anything that you do. Awaken the giant inside you, dont waste it
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golf- i love golfing

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


superbikes vs porshes

its time to go downhill
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awana ride on 27 Jan 08

meeting point mobil petrol station in jalan kuching.
doesnt matter what kind of bike.. we all share the same passion for bike. Everyone welcomes guys dont know what i put into this drink. dont drink and ride!!!!
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

rossi will retire

Is it true that the Doctor will retire from Moto GP..he will be focusing on the Olympic. His major event are Triple Jump and Long Jump.
Picture from Sepang Test Feb 2008. Wish all the best to the Doctor. He will remains as one of the legend in motoracing.
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BMW 1200S

This german 2 wheelers belongs to HJ Din. Went to Mecca to performed Hajj and fullfill one of Rukun Islam. He managed to kiss the sacred stone of Aswad. One of his prayer beside good iman, health and wealth, is to manage to drag his knee down, well God fullfilled his wish, yes he did manage to touch his knee for the first time on 13 january 2008. im the witness coz i saw it from my side mirror. And he just cant stop bragging about it till today.

from left Sham,abg is,oscar,radi,man biaggi.kama,yan
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To all bikers, do we have to stop when a policeman suddenly out of nowhere running and trying to stop us bikers. Well, we must practice braking or else we might kill the policeman or ourselves. I believe they, the STUP** policeman must put a stop sign and a cone, then they have the right to stop us. Next time when you see them without proper Stop Sign Board and a cone, then its time to put into practice your peripheral vision. Your main focus is the road after the policeman, dont look at the policeman because you will be using target fixation, which is wrong. AGAIN YOUR TARGET FIXATION SHOULD BE THE ROAD IN FRONT OF YOU NOT THE POLICEMAN.

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v-twin-TL 1000

These TLS 1000 was born in 1997, well known for the scariest bike back then. Its been 11 years know, does it feel scary, well ask Rady from Malaysia or Oscar from Spain. I think its not scary anymore because Rady is waiting for his K8 to come out.
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the result of harsh punishment from a discipline teacher, bald and tortured.....
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indra's green wheels

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Monday, January 7, 2008

knee draggin

Yessss, i made it. touching your knee to the tarmac for the first time is like having orgasm. thats the ultimate fun for sportbikers, its more fun than speeding thru a highway dangerously.
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rossi in awana

rossi in awana genting highland KL
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knee draggin lesson

just lean more thats all.....its safe and natural and you will get addictive doing it.
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ah meng shop

Its all about service. Price just reasonably right but most important is quality of work. Ah Meng handle my bike just like its own, not to forget Ah Fai with his detail and careful hand in servicing the bike. Keep up the good work, not because youre new and just open the shop only ok...hi..hi..hi
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superbikes on 30 dec 2007

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