Friday, November 28, 2008

BMC Air Filter Coming To Me In 10 Days!!!

I've ordered the BMC Air Filter for the 2008 ZX10R. Should arrived here in 5-6 days, but make it 10 days to be safe. Muahahaha... another 2hp up for my ten! There are two types, race and street. The race version are claimed to give 25% more than the street version, and the street version are claimed and have been proven to be better than OEMs. We will see.. I'll blog and review them for you. A dilemma between this two type thou.

From BMC website :
"Following the F.1 successes and the very good performance obtained by the Team Yamaha Belgarda and Team Suzuki Alstare Corona in the World SuperSport Championship and the AMA Yoshimura Suzuki Team, BMC air filters have proved to be the leading product in the category for its quality in material and construction. BMC air filters have been used in Race in the worst conditions to test performance and reliability. Current production uses the same materials already tested. BMC air filters range includes all the more popular sport street bikes, and it always increases including all the new models.
BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. BMC air filters, made in cotton, minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this way ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. Therefore, the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with a BMC cotton air filter in your motorcycles are evident.
Qualified engineers using advanced software and expert technicians using the latest technologies produce the BMC air filters. A F.1 air filter, for example, must be very light, must be made of the best materials and must improve performance. For this reason, also for motorcycles filters we use only alloy mesh with epoxy coating to ensure protection from petrol fumes and from oxidization due to the humidity of the air. The filtering material is composed of a special cotton gauze soaked with low-viscosity oil to give you the best air permeability."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Laos and Beyond : Part II - Imagine

Now the fun part begins. Compare this with the NEC ride. Do you know where we're heading?

I tiled up google map together so there's more details on it. My zumo can calculate the map because it's not bind together. So will have to do it manually. How many miles do you think we will travel? So imagine...

Sticky : Ride to LAOS 2009!

I'm proposing a ride to Laos through Thailand. Any takers? We don't need to have a Dual Purpose bike to accomplish this ride, Damien ZX14 has proved that sportsbike can go there. Yes, its going to be long and hard but I think we should be able to make it.

The plan is to travel to Laos and on the way back stop in Phuket Bike Week during Songkran. It's going to be fun guys. If anyone has any other plan please share.

Confirmed Participants :
1. Mat - kalau sempat aku beli GS la...
Tapi aku nak propose lain sikit, daripada kita patah balik, kita masuk Vietnam lepak Ha Noi pulak, lepas tu masuk China all the way to Guanzhou. Masuk Hong Kong boleh beli gear, balik kita naik kapal, kena 5 hari jugak atas kapal, sampai Port Klang terus.

2. BedahNooB -KLR650 / ZX6-R

Laos and Beyond : Part I - Planning A Long Ride

Few times I sat down with experience bikers who has done thousands of miles. Thought I would share it with you. In summary, there are only 3 things that will let you start your journey and kept it going :
1. Money
2. Bike
3. Health

1. Money

No money, no talk. Sounds a little harsh, but we are facing reality here. Let's go to basic first before we crunching the calculator for the long way ride. How much money do you think maintaining a superbike in a month? Or let it be a year so you divide and plan your income monthly? I'll draw down what's it needed for a brand new liter bike, but not much difference for a 600cc or 1400cc bike too :

1. RM 1,000.00 for the tyre, average 3 swaps in a year if you're a regular rider.
2. RM 250.00 for for engine oil and filter, average of 4 times in a year.
3. RM 2,000.00 + RM 350.00 for road tax and insurance.

The basics will had you RM 530.00 for a month. And in every 2 years, you need another RM 1,000.00 for the chain & sprocket. Some more hundreds for the bearing & prepare another RM 2,000 for doing a valve clearance. This is maintenance, you can option to skip it of course, but this will not leave your bike in tip top form. So that will make us save about RM 650.00 per month. Did you notice, I did say to maintain a bike, means you already have one right? So do you buy it cash? If you do, this wouldn't be much a problem since you pocket is that deep. I had to finance my bike, couldn't afford to get it in cash, an depending on your loan, average guy pay RM600.00-RM1,000.00 installment a month for their bike. Teh tarik and fuel, let say it would cost RM50 a week, so altogether, RM 650 + RM 750 + RM 200 = RM 1,600.00 is an ideal amount for you to spend on a your bike monthly.

I wouldn't want to go how much more you need for a track day, gears, and accessories for your bike because it just ain't basic and you'll always have a choice to have them or not. What I'm stressing is the necessities. So, to sum it up, you squeeze out RM 1,600 from your pocket monthly... just for enjoyment. If your eyes widen reading this figure, I'm sorry to say, it's not your time yet... Not to mean that you can't own one, but you have to wait until you find this is OK. InsyaAllah. I'm struggling myself, but if you asked me why? The enjoyment is priceless!

So let's get to the long ride. RM 6,000.00 is the minimum for a 10 days Laos ride. How do I know the figure? Ask them who had been there. That would covers accommodations, foods and fuel for you & the bike. I would love to breakdown the figure, because I too want to know, but that'll take me sometime. I'll be back on this article. A 14 days trip to the Golden-Triangle cost a friend of mine RM15K. Gulp... That would be me swallowing back my saliva.

So, to plan a trip there. Start saving... and do plan for some contingencies too.

2. Bike
No bike no ride. It's easy, right? But if you reverse it, Got bike, got ride. It not necessary to be true. Would you think my Zx10R would survey that long ride. I doubt it, may be, but I need some more money for the repair bills. A supersports was meant for the track. An environment that's clone a track is a good paved tarmac road with twisties. A long straight highway doesn't do justice for the bike too, especially for the tyres. An ideal bike for this ride would be to get a dual-purpose. That's it for me. And easy riding bike like a Sportstourer, Street Naked, & Cruiser will be fine up until you find a gravel & mud that you have to come to. You'll curse and grief.

So, let save ourselves some more money and get a dual-purpose. Just for the sake of this ride.

3. Health
Ho..ho..ho... Start exercising. The long way ride test you only one thing. Endurance. Your body and mind should be clear. Getting excited with the trip is good. But would you be that excited as well to get back? That just a test for your mind. You're body should be kept fit as well. Epol advise us to prepare an international medical card. Hmm... should get advise from Bro Fino about this. To say, you have to stay healty for the ride. I'm very pleased that we played futsal every week now. If we keep this up, I bet all of us is ready for the ride by the end of next year, right? We also have to consider our families and our commitment to them. It might not be a problem much to get a two week leave. But let us prepare for it a well. Our mind should stay focus all the time.

So I guess you'll get the point. I never been to a very long ride before, so all of this is from what I heard and think what is should, not from experience. I may sounds more cons than pros, but this is just a tips to make it be a pleasant trip. A great adventure is one without plan. The hassles, the difficulties, the stressfulness and all the wrong ones if much more enjoyable to remember, but would not be pleasant at that moment, would you like to share them to the one you love and care? I love traveling, I always want to do it without the money, but that'll make me selfish for myself. If it was me, and I'm not obligated to anything, I'll start my bike and head north all the way now.

To be continue...
1. Part II - Imagine

2008 ZX6-R Chassis Set Up

Kawasaki recommended chassis set up for the ZX-6R. The suspension settings are for road and track use for optimum performance. They are as follow:

Front fork
Spring preload 5 turns from fully open position. 5 turns in
Fork protrude 8.5mm above upper fork bridge
Compression damping (bottom of fork adjuster) 1.5 turns open
Rebound damping (top of fork adjuster) 1.25 turns open (1.5 for road use)

Rear suspension
Height adjustment 6mm spacer
Spring preload 178.5mm
Compression damper for high speed (hexagon screw on rear shock) 2.5 turns open
Compression damping for low speed (screw on the rear shock) 2 turns open
Rebound damping (adjuster at the lower end of shock) start with 19 clicks open and adjust to suit closing up to 17 clicks open or if really necessary close to a maximum 14 clicks open.
Settings are for an average rider of between 75 – 85kg.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Helmet Kura-Kura di BAN!!

The Half-shell helmets may soon be taken off shelves in motorcycle accessories shops and ban from being use on the road as early as January next year. - NST Online

I agree that half-shell helmet (helmet kura-kura) is not a proper and safe helmet and it should be ban but the Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh made a very stupid comment. He said its a favourite among superbikers for its comfort and light weight.

WTF since when superbikers like to wear 'helmet kura-kura'?

Datuk Suret Singh we just hope you wont make another mistakes by banning our THOUSANDS RINGGIT helmets that your department and that F#%!@ SIRIM didn't approve.

Do you want to ride your Superbike wearing this? This helmets is reserve for the 'Motor Kangkang' not the 'Motor Tunduk' hehe

Motorbike riders risk impotence, say doctors

This report was published in The Sydney Morning Herald on November 23, 2008.
MEN who ride motorcycles are at risk of impotence and urinary problems because the vibration of the engine damages nerves in their penises, a study has found.

A survey of more than 230 motorcyclists who rode their bikes for about three hours every weekend found almost 70 per cent had problems gaining an erection or emptying their bladders.

Vibrations from the engine also caused a decrease in two growth hormones in the bladder and prostate related to bladder relaxation.

But all men should avoid sitting on hard bicycle or motorcycle seats, particularly seats with thin, pointed ends, for long periods to prevent compression of pelvic floor muscles, Impotence Australia chief executive officer Brett McCann said yesterday.

About 76 per cent of riders aged 40 to 49, and 93 per cent of those aged 50 to 59, reported severe erectile dysfunction, compared with 37 per cent and 42 per cent respectively among those who did not ride motorcycles.


A food for thought

Saw this quote on the net, thought I share it with you guys.

"You start the game with a full pot of luck and an empty pot of experience... The object is to fill the pot of experience before you empty the pot of luck." - Unknown

Monday, November 24, 2008

Awana Regulators

Well, I had foresee (hehe..) that sunday ride will be off this week. Abg Suindra just left the hospital, Mie and Yan are still bikeless, Pojie, Eddy, Najib, Amir & Epol where on their shooting trip, Fino tyre still unchanged, Sifoo Is gone AWOL, tough luck for the others too.
I'm at my inlaws place in Klang that night. A call on 1a.m. says trouble on my worksite in KL. Since it's late, I promise to take a look early next morning. I arrived there at 8a.m. and it turn out to be a false alarm. I thought I'll be skipping the ride this week, but looking at the clock, I think I could joined the early guys. They group at Mobil Jalan Kuching at 9a.m. I called them regulators because they never skip Awana. And most of these guys are fast rider.

I reached Mobil at 9.25a.m. Just enough time to fuel up my bike and shakes a few hands. Anyone are welcome to join. My case are just an example. If you need a ride on Sunday, just join in. They welcome you always. I shooked another group hands actually. By the time I saw Hj Dwen and greet him, they are all ready to move. There were like 10 of them at first. The count then add up when we reach Awana.

One of the most respected guys up there. Hj. Dwen left the Dwentinno Rossi image when he change his R1 to K6.

Another Otai who never misses Awana. Capt. Nik.

The fast guys. :-)

Chit and chat.

More chit and chat.

About an hour, the next stop will be Bukit Tinggi. Unlucky for all of us, rain start pouring heavily at Janda Baik. Everyone u-tuns at the BHPetrol station and I see they all wouldn't want to miss enjoying Karak while it's still on a sunny day.

Group back at Tol Gombak before everyone leave to their own business.

And it'll be the same agenda in next week.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Tester: Gong Kawasaki ZX14 '07
Tester: BedahNooB Kawasaki ZX6-R '08

It’s Friday afternoon and I just remembered I haven’t serviced my beloved Zixxer it was almost 6000km since my last oil change and I have a long ride plan this weekend. So I went home and pack, soon after I head out to Mok for my ritualistic oil change. At Mok’s workshop I met Mat and Gong who was there to get his ZX14 oil change.

For those who missed a lot of the 300kmj TTS almost everyone in our group is using Mobil 1 right now and so far I haven’t heard any complaints yet. So when it’s time for me to get my oil change I went to Mok’s and ask for well you guessed it’s the Mobil 1 Racing 10W-40. I ask Gong to try Mobil 1 but he told me he’s a strict Motul man but after some convincing from Mat he reluctantly agreed to try the oil.

Like Mat told you before Mok doesn’t carry Mobil 1 and it takes my Zixxer and Gong ZX14 to persuade Mok to outsource it from Ah Meng. After the bike’s got their oil changed and serviced, I was ready to begin my 1000 km journey and at the same time figure what makes this oil different than other makes.

Accompanying me on this road test is Gong, so after figuring the ‘routes’ we decided to go south because it’s been a while since we travel there and since this is not a scientific test we will only test the oil for engine noise, gear changes, clutch response, engine temperature and performance.

We’re going to do this is on two parts, one is done during noon when the temperature is at the highest while the other part is during the night because for us Malaysian it's the coldest time of day. During this test we are going to abuse the bike, low gearing high revving extremely hardcore shifting kind of abuse. Hehe Yeah right we wouldn’t abuse the bike just for the sake of your enjoyment.

So after some 2 days of rigorous testing on 1000km of asphalt this is our verdict.

Pros: Cheap, Engine Temperature
Cons: Engine Noise, Gear Change, Availability

Conclusions: This oil seems to work very well for a very short while, after doing 650 km the engine starts to become noisy and gear changing is not as smooth as it was earlier. This problem is also shared by A.D’s 08 Z1000 and Pojaman 08 ZX6-R.

We rate it 2.5/5


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kneedown Lesson @ Turn 17, Nilai

I think everyone will make a question, "Where the hell is turn 17?". Well, the place was discovered by Epol, Ehermm... Sifoo Epol, and the name was given when me and Epol where a little bit frustrated for not having the opportunity to play Sepang on one fine day. That's because it was a little bit raining and I remember seeing a well experience rider smacked his R1 on the Sepang straight speeding on about 240km/h. As we not dare to join in the fun, Epol asked me to practice the kneedown at one quite roundabout. Since Sepang has 15 turns, the exit from Sepang we count as a turn, hence, the roundabout is the 17th turn.

I was quite frustrated when I know there wouldn't be any Sunday ride. I get frustrated every week if I were to miss one. So the plan was to join in the regular Awana's rider if there is no one wants to join. But Epol and Bedah are available, and Awana is not quite on their favour. So I think practicing a kneedown would be just great. It turn out to be fantastic. And I was pushed by Bedah everyday since then to write up this Blog today. Don't worry Bedah... I quite understand. :)

The match against Chelsea and WBA finished around 4a.m. And Bedah still keep SMSesing me about tomorrow's ride. Hmm... I'm a little unsure that he'll get up 8.00 o'clock in the morning. But turn out to be a surprise, at 8:38a.m., "Jumpa kt ner? Wat time?" came an SMS from Bedah. I'm quite happy with his spirit. I first told those guys to meet up at 8.45a.m. at Epol's place, but that morning I left the camcorder in my office and the battery a still flat, so I gap the appointment to 9.45a.m. That saves me some time to charge it, and we all meet promptly after. We had our breakfast and at 10.00a.m. we move to the endless turn.

Bedah are still short on the pants. So I brought my Taichi pants together with me. He borrowed it before at his first trackday few months before at it is kinda loose. On this day, it fits him well. So that kinda another proof biking doesn't slim you down, futsal does! SO COME PLAY FUTSAL LA TOMORROW!!!

Before Epol.. Sifoo Epol gives Bedah the green light, we taught him some of the tips that Bedah should know.

The concentration Bedah gives was amazing. Hehehe...

Gearing up. After this, he'll be heading to Pak Su's to get his own pants and a pair of racing boot. By now he thinks it worth getting one. Huhuhu...

Sifoo Epol show a sample move, where and when to slice.
He looks very comfortable on the Zx14 doesn't he?

I think he kinda nervous. So I take the 2nd role.

Some might say I have a whole lot of the riding technique. But I don't think that's true. I only manage to get a kneedown when I lean low enough. And I am quite OK on a left turn, but on the right, I still feel uncomfortable with my position, sometimes I put a lot of thought on my position while cornering, but most of the time, I don't care much, just to enter the corner as fast as possible. So there is little of technique that I know, and I still have a lot more to learn.

It my turn to suite up.

That's like 4 inches from the ground. Right?

And the speed is still ain't right.

It get lower by every circle.

And when you get it right, it's touchdown.

A little scratching add up to the slider.

It's Bedah turn now.

The body language speaks Bedah determination.

On first first few rounds...

After his first few rounds... Hahaha... Awesome man!

..and it looks good from the ass view too. I really meant the bike la.. Gish!

I remember getting my first kneedown. And Bedah share the same satisfaction. Bedah describe it as good as getting 8As on your SPM exams! Hahaha..

Another new scratch.

Epol then show some more example in reverse order.

Then he shows some fireworks display along the way.

We practice on a 2nd gear with speed around 60km/h. It's tiring to control a torquey bike at that pace.

I enjoy seeing them practicing.

We get comfortable by every turns.

Epol said any beginner would get his knee down average on his 10th laps. I would agree on that.
So don't worry, relax yourself and try it. It's really fun.

I can wait to get my glove and gear off. We played for about 2 1/2 hours. Each of us do 7 to 8 laps on each of our turn. I'm really exhausted by this time.

That's more kneescrapping.

Bedah looks most confortable by the end.
He looks awesome. This is his first kneedown session. And he scores!. In the end, he's not just kneedown, he's kneedragging! The feeling get better when you can do it again.. and again.. and again!

This looks like doing 200km/h on Sepang's turn 3. I'm betting he'll be a regular trackday person from now on. Hehehe..

That is justice to the slider.

Unbelievably satisfied.
I think he'll keep on this subject for a little while. Hahaha...

And I'm just loving it!

Kneedown is just another step of getting to know your bike. This is not just getting to know your body position. You learn to control your throttle as well. And the next step, controlling your suspension with your throttle. Sounds kinda weird? Ask Keith. Ride save guys!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My first kneedown & kneedragging experience

November 16, 2008
Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

It was almost 11 when Mat text me that night asking whether I would like to join him & Gong at Turn 17 , I ask him who else is going because for me if Eddy & Pojie is not going then it wouldn't be fun. Suddenly I remembered Gong telling me when we were doing the NEC ride that I could knee down in just 10 laps of his now famous Turn 17. Out of curiosity I replied 'yes' to Mat even though Eddy & Pojie wont be there.

After a brief explanation and demonstration, I was suprised to found out that Gong's theory and method really worked and I could knee down in less than 10 laps.

Hehe this is just a teaser, wait for the full report, pictures and videos from Mat.
Coming Soon This November.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

General Service at Mok Motor

My odo clock 10,000km today. To make things easier. I like to flush my oil every 5,000km. So remembering 5, 10, 15 is much more easier then 1, 5, 12, 18 or something. It'll be my second service and I insist on wanting to pour Mobil 1 again. I like it a lot, and save me some hundreds. :)

The tips is if you use semi-synthetic oil, do an oil change every 3,000km, but it can still last up to 5,000km. If you use fully-synthetic, do on every 5,000km, but you're still safe up to 8,000km. And do do an oil change when you feel you needed too. :)

Mok didn't carry Mobil 1. I think they should. It's cheaper than Motul. Just a few ringgit difference with Silkolene. I've write up how Mobil 1 performs again Motul 300V in a general way, but I'll get that study copy and post the challenge here one day. So I borrowed Mail kapcai and rode to Ah Meng's. Bought 4 bottles since the Zx10R will take 3.7l out of it, thats when the oil filter is change as well. I still cost RM48 and during the fuel hike, the price remains the same. Same old stock? Or does Motul take an advantage of the situation? Motul price when up twice this year!

During the NEC ride, I don't know when & where, I blow the rear tyre tin balancing away (not really sure what they called actually). So I ask them to balance back my tyre as well. I got spare time actually, so we left the bike cooled down and wait for the oil drip stops.

But I must say Motul still makes great oil. Motul Chainlube is an excellent lubricant for the chain but it's very sticky. But all the black oil that traps dust and sand clog up my sidestand and gearshift. I usually clean this myself with a gasoline and spray some WD40 then after.

Hahaha... Really forget the 300V untill the price is reasonable again. You should try this.

Sifoo Mail way are different. He feels. One of the best mechanic in town.

This is how they balance the tyre. An old fashion but proven method.

Previously they use the tin sticker. I request the clip type. It's more durable than the sticker version. The sticker glue doesn't hold that well, they need to have a heady duty version, but that would make it harder to peel off one day.

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1. Motosikal Mok Suberbike Shop
2. Motul 300V vs Mobil 1 Racing 4T

Sepang Track Day 14.11.2008

Sifoo Is SMSes a day before about the track day. I then announce it on the Google Calendar. The fee is RM200.00, that's double from a normal track day. But it'll will be less crowded and instead of 2 hours, you got 3. I'm about 50-50 to join, work... hmm, but the fact that the the next track day is in another month and my tyre tread could only clock some more miles, I decided to joined. Epol wasn't available since I didn't made a prompt confirmation the night before. He had arrange an appointment later that evening.

They started from 2p.m to 5p.m. After Friday prayer, at 2, I head down to Sepang. The weather is terrific for a track day! It's been hot all morning. Felt a little bit lost of the 1/2 hours wasted on the highway. I even miss the KPE exit which is the fastest route from KL to Sepang now. Sigh..

When I've arrived, just a few bikers and racers where on the pit. Zamani, Panjang & his team were there too, they are the MSS champions, they were the regulars. Sifoo Is too has just arrived. That's him far in the below picture.

There's not more than 10 bikes around. But it then add up to about 15.

Felt like a track day from SIC, private and exclusive.

Perfect weather.

I set my tyre pressure to 32/32 first. I've been experimenting with the pressure all the time. 30/30 is the recommended setup from all racers here, 34/36 is what Pirelli would have ask me to do, but that would be on different ambiance. I like 31/31 more than 30/30, maybe due to my weight. But sometimes I forgot the feel. I'm trying 32/32 now. And I felt just great as well.

The newly installed Brembo 19RCS doing it's part again. Excellent. I can fell that my rear tyres are lifted on the hard breaking. Instead of the bike wobbling and swinging left and right, the rear lifted. I think it's the air pressure as well. How important a bike setup could be. Felt wonderful and scary when I pushed it too much. It's a gamble to stop the bike in such short distances, but there is confidence too. Since the brakes are wonderful, I get me wonder on the suspension setup as well. I got bumps on turn 3 entering the turn 4. Turn 9 as well. Want to ask Johnson and Ah Mend to consult. I want to be beat my own time next round.

Not crowded at all. So it's you and the track only. Keith Code said you have to beat the track, but you have to do it better than any other guy. That's the real secret!

Panjang & Zamani's ride are fully mod. Ohlins suspension, race fairing, they even change the crappy Kawa Ohlins damper to another Ohlins. Yoshi exhaust, Brembo brakes and calipers, and the list go on.

Carbon fiber rims on their fully mod ZX10R.

I love how the Titanium changes color because of the heat.

I manage to get 10 laps on the first round. I felt exhausted but can still go on. That's an improvement from all the futsal. Just before I could only push to 6 laps. I take time with this boys and lots of riding technic being shared to each other.

My best before was 2:45:00 in this circuit, and I average on 2:47:00. Average MSS riders can to 2:20:00 and best is around 2:15:00. MotoGP is close to 2:00:00. On this day, I brake my own time, I was averaging on 2:43:00 and manage to get best on 2:40:00. Hahaha! This is big for me and I'm so happy that I'm improving by time. Sepang have 15 corners, I average I take 1-1.5 sec more time from the average MSS rider. So if I'm quick a sec every corner, I could at least do 2:25:00. Hehehe... This will be my next goal.

2:40:00 is scary for me. I manage to get this time after about 24 laps if my calculation are correct. I have to set each pace target on every corner.
1. My speed must not be less than 75km on turn 1, and I must hit at least 260km/h before entering. But the Akrapovic looses the top end. On RPM 10-13, it climbs slowly. This made it very difficult for me.
2. Before getting to turn 4, I must get 210km.
3. Before getting to turn 9, I must get 190km.
4. I must have 120km/h when I start to exit turn 15. Else it would be hard to get 260km/h and the end of the straight.
So this factors was that I take so much attention. It's only 4 point. But from what Keith is saying, all the points are are important. I know I could have to work harder. So imagine how hard do all the racers work.

I played until the fuel is finish. Yippy! This is really great and the RM200.00 felt worth paying now.

Even my suit is tired after all this. I shot another angle but it seems giving another idea.

Pirelli Diablo Corsa III works well. Imagine having the Supercorsa pulak! Tyre choice gonna be hard on the next change. Hmmm...

The effect are not as extreme as if you were using Battlax 016 or 015.

I made my tyre spin on turn 3. The rear tyre spins faster, and I'm drifting!. It felt great... excited... then scared, when the third sensation kick in, I quickly roll off gas. Hahaha.. It's a very rewarding situation, but I don't think I can duplicate it back again, in time maybe. I'm scared I'll be crashing my bike, this happen in just seconds, imagine how quick you have to react and always have to be ready. Have to wait to play offroad with Tok Mat to get some more Kung Fu steps.

At 5:20p.m, everyone has left. It was raining after that and I go and hang out with Epol at his office.

I still don't do justice on my right slider. My problem is still not getting use the hang on on right turns. I must admit I was going for the speed. I don't feel comfortable yet with my right position. The left is all clear. :)

I gonna have fun reading this back when I could hit 2:30:00.