Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sepang Track Day - 16th July 2008

Ni bagi kawan-kawan buat wallpaper... Muahahahaha
"Sesungguhnya janganlah engkau dalam kerugian, mainlah track sepuas-puasnya selagi nyawa dikandung badan."

Friday, July 25, 2008

PMP Riding School

Some of the early birds on the above pics.. About eleven riders attended the PMP riding school, organised by Am and Syahnas,ex FIM asia and current MSS racer champion. Tak percaya ka then click this link, RM450 worth every single sen, believe me. That includes bunch of bananas for energy booster and a box of 100 plus and mineral water, complimentary from the riding school. When Wins call me regarding the riding lesson, first thing i ask him is how much it cost. "its RM450 bro"Well at first im quite reluctant but now im glad and feel very lucky to attend it because you just cannot get a true riding lesson from a book. Ive spend RM550 on racing and riding books that i bought from MPoH and Konekupnya KLCC but only 30% of what i read and learn in those books are applicable.

That reminds me of Abang Raja, who stressed that in order to learn something, the proper way is, we must have a teacher or sifu not to learn fully from a book. Just imagine if we were to learn Islam or to read the Quran, we must have an Ustaz, or else we might get swayed from the true teaching if the books that we learn from have a wrong contents and 'ayat' or verse.

Kifli fireblade, our friend is a martial arts teacher, specialised in Silat Cekak. I doubt he can become a Sifu by reading books.

Even Abg is our Sifu also attended the class, and he also gain a few new skills. Aniz, Am's wife an avid biker herself compliments Abg Is style of riding until abg Is suit become swell at the buttocks.(kembang kena puji).

To all my fellow friends, PMP riding school is 101% fully recommended. The living proof is Winston, now he is fast and even scrap the knee and toe. Well i heard, hes asking about the HRC engine Fireblade already. No joke, i heard him asking Am about the bike, CBR600 is not fast enough for him ehh.

Our friend Yasmin's son with Yamaha R1 , we call him rossi that day, such and improvement. The lessons has do him justice. No doubt about it.

What ive really learned and improvised was body position and throttle control. Am & Shahnas mentioned that we must first learn the basic skill of riding like body position, throttle control, cornering etc,not just to go fast bluntly, you dont get a medal or up on the podium anyway maybe you end up in the gravel or ambulance. The speed can come later, its easy to go fast, just pull a full throttle ,but if you dont have the skill and techniques youre just a mere Drag king.

ahhh. so many things to tell, but got to go now, go and experience it yourself-Fino

Even 1098R also was there. If you really look closely inside this 1098R bike, beside the engine you can see 4 rooms, 3 toilets, 2 living hall, 1 kitchen and 1 porch to enough for 1 car and a bike. Just joking..what i meant is this bike cost you around RM300K plus and you can buy a double storey terrace house. Yes only in Malaysia.

Energy Booster. Bananas and 100 plus, great combination. Marriage made in heaven

Registration-Wins from Segamat also there.

Even J-king from seremban also came.

Ali, the owner of 1098R asking few question

Betul punya tunggang ni

Ni.. nak kena upgrade ni,tak cukup power la,throttle dah abih pusing dah

Rossi Bin Yasmin suited up.
In the track
Back in the classroom again, Am and Syahnas pouring their track experience to us.
A pro and champion giving a few tips on how to take turn 1 and 2.
Rossi always listening always understanding
Photo time

Aniz is the photo coordinator, she make you feel like a MotoGp racer.

After class we had the famous koeyteow bandung, mee mamak and cendol

Ferarri turns
Bye see you next time frens

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sepang International Circuit

Come on guys this Saturday 26 July 08 from 2pm-5pm, 15 corners to carve but corner 16 is the hardest to master.
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track day

Mie, rookie of the year

Abg Jamil, few inches more to reach orgasm, Now in US under training individually by Kevin Schwanz, thats why we havent seen him yet.

Yan, Dont be fool by the bike, this naked rider has torn his pants carving the apex. You definetely need a knee slider.

Abg Indra,now a marshall who take care of us, who said he only slide his knee on a ZX-14 not on a RXZ, oops wrong spelling ZRX. But again dont be fooled by this green bike, he will smoke you out.
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Nails nails nails

Guys, guess how many nails are there?, believe it or not this rider survive ride to awana and bukit tinggi!!!As for me i dont even dare to ride even 1 km just to buy newspaper at 7/11 near my house.
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Monday, July 21, 2008


You just cannot sue them, though they make billions of profit, you will not get a single cents.
Every single day people are paying to die.
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How to transport your bike to the track

average budget kind of transportation. but remember just dont drive the car like you race on a track

More economical kind of transportation. 3 racer can share the costs but make sure the driver is your friend. Somemore got extra room for 3 goats.

very expensive kind of mover. You can guarantee the security of your bike with a peace of mind. Extra room for few dozens of free duty kretek.

Hardcore racer kind of transportation, Expensive but very convenient, Great for those racer who just cant control their libido watching those voluptuous chicks swaying around the track, extra room for making out because its fully enclose.
average budget kind of transportation, weekday use it to commute to office and weekend only for track day.