Saturday, February 28, 2009

Najib New Ride : 2009 Kawasaki ZX14

We are being played for a fool!

Najib a.k.a Gibsi Laut had been telling us how his bike had always breakdown. I still remember all his trouble list :
1. Hugger touches his rear wheel;
2. Fuel pump goes dead;
3. Wiring fault;
4. Headlight fuse always burn;
5. Damage burned fuse box;
6. His ignition relay fault.

It was just an excuse!
We were con guys! It's not his damaging his Kawasaki bike reputation, he actually planning an excuse to get a new ride. And he did.

With the new ZX14, I'm sure Epol wouldn't even think to twist his throttle to get near Najib... if he could.

But typical ZX14 buyers, I really don't understand why a Candy Plasma Blue has always be their choice. The new ZX14 09 suppose to come with the new Metallic Diablo Black and Kawasaki Candy Lime Green. The 09 too has the new Limited Edition spec with Limited Edition Orange choice. I guess he just wants to follow Epol steps.

I asked Chear Motor how much Najib had trade-in his Z750s. Instead Chear denied the Zx14 is being sold by them. And I know it's not from Mok Motor or Welly. So I left puzzle as well. His new ride seems to had bought from an unkown source in Pahang. So why the secret Najib? Makan sendiri tarak baik la....

This is Najid new ride! RM 2.00 downpayment if I'm not mistaken. Look at that grin on his face. And I'm about to be bikeless. Damn!

Specifications :

Performance : 0-100km, unknown
Wet weight : 1,670kg
Fuel Tank Capacity : 27 liter
Fuel consumption : 0/km (just need water)
Transmission type : CVT unlimited gear change
Tyre size : no info
Air intake system : RAM air with custom air intake system
Max speed : 40km/h

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kawasaki back in MotoGP

With acknowledgements to Bike Sport News

Marco Melandri will be at MotoGP's opening Qatar round after Kawasaki struck a deal with organisers Dorna to stay in the championship with a one-rider team.A statement from the company says: This decision was made after negotiations that followed Kawasaki’s January 2009 announcement to suspend its factory supported MotoGP activities due to the economic crisis. Rider for the new MotoGP team will be the Italian Marco Melandri.The team will be equipped with Kawasaki motorcycles and supporting materials.

That Kawasaki has come to this new team approach is the result of on the one hand the need for a strong reduction of MotoGP racing investments and on the other hand the necessity to come to constructive solutions for all related parties.

The new team will disclose more details about its 2009 season’s plans on a short notice.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 Price Revealed

Official price from Motosikal Mok :

Net Selling Price : RM 93,500.00
Goverment Duties : -
Sales Tax : -
Sales Price : RM 93,500.00
1 Year Insurance Comp. (All Rider) : RM 2,783.20
1 Year Road Tax : RM 300.00
PA Insurance : RM 13.00
Registration Fee : RM 55.00
Not so nice Number Plates : RM 40.00
JPJ Hak Milik Fee : RM 20.00
Freight Charges : RM 300.00
Admisnitration Fee : RM 300.00
PRICE ON THE ROAD : RM 97,261.20
Sum Insured : RM 90,900.00

Thank you Malaysia government. R1 expected to be in the showroom by end of this month.

2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9 Price Revealed

Official price from Motosikal Mok :

Net Selling Price : RM 97,800.00
Goverment Duties : -
Sales Tax : -
Sales Price : RM 97,800.00
1 Year Insurance Comp. (All Rider) : RM 2,896.00
1 Year Road Tax : RM 300.00
PA Insurance : RM 13.00
Registration Fee : RM 55.00
Not so nice Number Plates : RM 40.00
JPJ Hak Milik Fee : RM 20.00
Freight Charges : RM 300.00
Admisnitration Fee : RM 300.00
PRICE ON THE ROAD : RM 101,724.00
Sum Insured : RM 97,800.00

Thank you Malaysia government.

Friday, February 20, 2009

May 2009 Ride : Ultimate Dragging Route

Update 20.02.08
I don't think I can go for this ride. I guess I gonna stop organizing any ride for the time being. I'm sorry to say but my position in financial wouldn't let me. Alternatively I guess you guys can shoot straight to Betong.

Update 29.01.08 23:18 :

Update :
In order to get sponsor, kawi ride will be given Kawasaki T-Shirt, we're encourage to wear them. A group photo of Kawasaki bikes mostly. But this doesn't mean other bike couldn't join.

There are suggestion that we make it 4D/3N trip since the trip from Penang to KL will be exhausting.
Day 1 camp at Mat Zx10R house.
Day 2 camp at Penang Eddy's place.
Day 3 camp at Stong Resort enjoying waterfall & jungle trek.
Day 4 back to KL.

There is a proposal for May 2009 ride. We'll have two National Holiday on that month, 1st of May is the Labour Day and 9th of May is the Vesak Day, and holiday might be brought forward to the 11th. So I guess this ride will be best of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd May or 9th, 10th and 11th. And the weather should be just nice! I still have about RM150.00 left from the previous ride. InsyaAllah will get sponsorship, from Motosikal Mok, so I guess you'll only have to worry about fuel. Accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be covered.

Propose plan route is :
Day 1
Kuala Lumpur > Karak > Raub > Gua Musang > Dabong > Jeli > Jerteh > Kota Bharu > Jerteh

Day 2
Jerteh > Jeli > Banding > Gerik > Pengkalan Hulu > Betong > Gerik > Baling > Butterworth

Day 3
Butterworth > Ipoh > Simpang Pulai > Gua Musang > Raub > Karak > Kuala Lumpur

Participants that are confirmed :
1. Abg Suindra ZXR1200
2. Abg Raja BMW (Err... Moto apa a?)
3. Syam SRAD
4. Bedah RC8
5. Yan z750
6. Muaz K5 750
7. Bakhtiar ZX6R 09
8. Izlan Zx14
9. Eddy 1400GTR
10. Mud R6
11. Abg Jamil CBR919
12. Mat Nor 1400GTR
13. Najib z750s

List that should be OK
14. Abg Is Hayabusa
15. Amir FJR1300
16. Fadhilah CB400
17. Apit Z1000
18. Imran ER6n (available for 9th May ride only)

Waiting for reply
19. Fino K7
20. Umar ER6n
21. Che Din K12
22. Kamal Hayabusa
23. Lan Hayabusa
24. Radzi
25. Shafei CBR600
26. Syam CBR900
27. Remi Zx9R
28. Pojie ZX10R
29. Epol ZX14

Unavailable List
1. Mat
2. Hazmi ZX750 (dia nak ada RM 6,000.00 nak repair moto, aku pulak nak ada RM 60,000 nak beli Zx6R baru...)

Escort Car

My Ford Ranger is available as an escort car. We probably might have 4 volunteers to join us. This is great news.

For those who didn't receive my e-mail and aren't in the mailing list. E-mail me your address to

Stay tune!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tol NPE PJS2 Arah Kuala Lumpur Mansuh!

I heard the news on Bernama Radio (Radio 24 93.90 FM) just now and Utusan confirms it.

KUALA LUMPUR 13 Feb. – Kutipan tol Petaling Jaya Selatan 2 arah Kuala Lumpur, Lebuh Raya Pantai Baru (NPE) dimansuhkan berkuat kuasa serta-merta hari ini.

Keputusan tersebut diumumkan oleh Menteri Kerja Raya, Datuk Seri Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamed. - Utusan.

Other source :

Sony HXR-MC1 : Be Prepared!

Finally, Sony reveal their new HXR-MC1 HD Video Recorder. Yup HD! This one should be perfect for outdoor use and for bike junkies like us. It'll be available somewhere in this month and the price would be estimate of whooping RM6,000.00.

The HXR-MC1 is an easy-to-use HD camera system, consisting of a small camera unit and a handheld controlling unit with LCD panel and recording function. This all-in-one tiny camera system needs no extra equipment, take it out and just start shooting. Also, the camera unit is splash-proof, allowing easy usage under tough conditions, such as outdoor shooting or water-side shooting. The range of HD shooting will expand using this one-and-only camera. Moreover, the unique style of the HXR-MC1 enables shooting in unordinary conditions and angles, such as shooting sports scenes from the user’s point of view and onboard shooting in motor sports. Thanks to the LCD panel equipped main unit, once the shot is taken, the user can check the material immediately. The possibility is up to the creators.

Among of it's awesome features :

1. 10x Optical Zoom, Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens.
2. Records FullHD (1920x1080i)
3. Battery could last up to 405 minutes (6 hours +) with optional high capacity battery.
4. 2.7" Touch Screen TFT LCD monitor, 210,000 pixels - They should use higher pixel LCD actually for that price tag, but should be the same as you viewing on your Sony camcorder now.
5. Support live relay recording!
7. Memory Stick Pro Duo and HG-Duo as recording media. 4Gb on SD HQ would last 55 minutes and LP last 160 minutes.
8. 4MP still picture snap, Exmor CMOS sensor.
9. 580g.
10. Component Out, Composite Out, HDMI, USB 2.0 and card slot. No in!

Sony didn't bundle any hardware mount together in the box. The standard tripod receptacle should do fine. A camera strap is easily available at bicycle stores or camera accessories shop. I'll not bore you with the technical details. But this one, if you're a gadget freak and quality is always your priority, you should get one!

Video sample :

Amir... Aku boleh supply. Hehehe...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Suzuki USA Recalling GSX-R1000 K5 and K6 Model

Ever wonder what it'll be like if we have an authorized distributor for Suzuki superbikes here in Malaysia? I do.

Suzuki USA has issue a voluntary safety recall for their GSX-R1000 model 2005 and 2006 which is well know here as the K5 and K6. Suzuki USA has confirmed that they have received reports on cracks or broken frame if the frame bike has experience extreme stress condition. This would mostly attributes to riders who performs free stunts and wheelies. Even thou in normal condition riding the frame will behave promptly, Suzuki is voluntarily to inspect the frame and replace them if necessary. If there is no sign of crack or abnormal behavior, Suzuki will strengthen the existing frame with an aluminum reinforcement brace that weight about 1kg below the frame spar and below and behind the steering head. The replacement frame that if necessary to replace the existing frame also is fitted with the same reinforcement brace.

Suzuki also provide a 5 year warranty on this new reinforce frame. Any recall bike owner that had repair or replace the frame before are eligible to get reimbursement. So how great are Suzuki USA service huh? But for us, if we don't have an authorized distributor, who would dare to bare the cost to service us?

Suzuki wish to assure that not all K5 and K6 frame behave in this manner, they claim that only 0.5% of their total production bike are affected, according to reports, that means possibly 26,000 motorcycles are affected. I can't get my facts here clear, if you can help please do, I'm not sure the numbers are K5 & K6 in the USA or worldwide. Then again, all of the a re assemble in Japan.

Consumer in the UK and other country are trying to get feed back from their Suzuki's distributor and dealers as well. That makes me wonder what Malaysia's Suzuki K owners would do. That's why a 2 years warranty is always is a peace for the mind. Hehehe....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mat Rempit Kena Gilis Lori (Hooligan Biker Run Over By A Lorry)

While surfing the net at 3a.m. in the morning, while my wife and the baby had already slept in the room, while everything is in mute and the breaking sound was only the ceiling fan and silent of the night, I found this video on the YouTube.

I get goosebump. Damn!