Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Kawasaki KX250 & KLX250

Looks almost the same. But they far off two different bikes. I still want to find out more about these two bike. I've been wanting for a dirt bike for quite sometime now. The KX250 is a motocross, and the KLX250 is a dual-purpose enduro style machine. So which one to get? If you planning to slam this bike to the fullest, KX250 is the answer. Power and suspension are design to tortured you, not the bike. KLX250 has a street legal advantage. You can ride around town since it can be registered for road use, while the KX250 are meant only for offroad.

I sat down at Mok a few hours today, some paperwork to do for my claim submission. Since there's no bike my the porch except for my scoot, it felt kinda weird. So my interest to get a bike does push me a bit to know more about these two bikes. The KLX are price at RM23K and the KX is around RM26K. No registration needed for the KX, thus no insurance and roadtax. If those figure isn't that high, I know I'll bought one.

Doesn't looks much different. So why opt to get the KX? Mok and Kelana was there. Hohoho... it's totally different, said them. KX is a beast compare to the KLX. The KLX is dog, it'll obey.

KX has no meter, no lights, no panel, no switches, nothing. Even no battery. I'm liking it even more. >:)

Now you can see the real difference. Chassis are more solid. Engine looks more muscular. Suspension I was being told that the KLX couldn't stand extreme off-roading.

Tok Mat has been waiting for us to get one of these. I was told we could get it for the sum of RM5K-7K from a half-cut shop, but that seems a bull talk. My pocket aren't deep enough to spend RM20K for a toy. Even if it's RM10K, I has to consider twice. But I want one. Hmm... Then again. I want it ALL (Queen style). Right?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Akrapovic Hexagonal Slip-On + Optional Link Pipe for ZX10R 2008 Part II

Here's how the Akrapovic Hexagonal Slip-On with the link pipe sounds like. Noise reduction insert are removed. Who install them anyway? Huhu...


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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Insurance Claim

Accident do happens. Sometimes we try to kept alert all the time on the road, but if it's matrix, we can only plan ahead from the tragedy. I just got hit by a Blue Proton Putra on the KL-Seremban highway. Bad news for me that I'm not wearing my suite. I end up getting scratches all over my body. My bike slides but the damage has been done. Huhuhu... But it's nothing that can't be fix again. Another bad news is, the driver isn't a gentlemen at all, he or she hit and run, and I had no chance on getting the car's number. Another huhuhu... I have accept that riding a superbike might have some bad consequences. Alhamdulillah, I'm left with no broken bones and I'm recovering as I'm blogging.

So... it's pretty frustrating to had damage your bike. Right? Hmm... not really. I'm more sad to see my Akrapovic muffler damage and my Sony DSLR camera are totally lost. Two things that I can't get back from my insurance. As for me and the bike, we'll both recover to a 100% shaped anytime soon.

This what happens when a 200 pounder guy sandwiched his camera on the tarmac. Waaaaaaaa!!!

The claiming procedure is not that complex. Same as any other car accident, but cars insurance claim here is much faster. You can get back your car in just a few days. Of course, depends on the damages. For big bikes, I would gave it at least a month.

The first step for claiming the bike after the accident is to make a police report. It has to be done within 24 hours. If you not able to do so, like you a badly hurt on the accident, don't worry, a prove that you not able to do so like an m.c. from the doctor, will help you to delay the report. The nice policemen would understand.

If you go down by yourself, you'll get a fine ticket from the policemen. If you go down involving other parties, the policemen will then be the judge on who's fault was it. The fault party would then be fine.

After this, get your bike to the police station to get them photo-ed. If you in no shape to ride you bike, ask someone else to do it for you. If your bike couldn't the ride, get a transport to get the bike to the station. It is compulsory to have you bike snapped. The insurance agent will then acquire the photo from the police file.

When you done with this. Take to the bike to the workshop. The workshop will standby a list of item to be repaired and replace and will then submit it together with the claim form to the insurance company. You need to fill out the claim form and describe again how the accident happend. A simple drawing to explain the whole story helps.

For most superbikes, all damage item usually will be replace. A performance machine will need tip top repair condition and can't easily be knock straight back up again. The workshop and insurance company know this. They also wouldn't want be responsible if other incident would happen if the repair job is not done perfectly.

After submitting the claim to the insurance, an adjuster will come an see the bike and confirm the part which will be repaired. For new bikes, most of the time the insurance will pay a 100% value of the parts. For machine which is more than a year and so on, they have an adjustment which they called it betterment. The percentage on the adjustment depends on the year. An example, a 5 year machine will have 25% cut off from the parts original value. I don't really sure the exact calculation, but it is not debatable. The figure is been studied and agreed by government and insurance company. The owner will have to bare the differences.

The list of repair bill will be prepared by the workshop. All the parts and repair work will be claim on their retail price. An insurance company is also smart. They will find and check themselves the repair cost so that there will not be any dispute on the price later on. I say this is fair.

Within a week of submission, an approval letter will then come out from the insurance company. The repair work can be done after the shop received the approval letter. Some shop can start their work after the adjuster had had a visit to your bike, but any claim that can be rejected means it will have to be bare by the workshop. So they try to let this not come to them. Parts then will be outsource and will take days or weeks to arrived. This is where Kawasaki is superior than any other brands here in Malaysia. They are prompt and spare parts are easily available. If it not available locally, it'll take Kawasaki just few days to sent them over from Japan. For other bikes like Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda. They don't have local distributors. Workshop will depends mostly on Singapore and if it's not available there, it'll take you some time to get you bike back.

An insurance company will try to pay the least possible amount to you. If the you're not happy with the amount, an appeal is possible. All these process will take about a month if it's been done promptly. Heck... I knew a guy who waits for 10 months to get his bike ready again. I can't imagine the suffering.

Since my camera is a totally whacked. This blog might turn out to be more text for sometime. I lost my Lowepro pouch bag as well, a serious repair needed for my Arai RX-7 RR4, another lost on the Manfrotto G clamp, a torn jeans, shorts and my inner suite wear. Quite some figure that I need to recover back, but again I left out breathing perfeclty, a scar to remind me to always wear a suit, and all bones and joints are AOK. That's likely are more and most important. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Akrapovic Evolution Full System for 2008/09 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Having tried the Akrapovic Hexagonal Slip-On with Akrapovic optional link pipe, I can say they are pretty awesome and worth the upgrade. I'm planning to upgrade to Akrapovic full system maybe early next year. There are two types. Racing and evolution. To summarized the differences with these two system, the Racing Line is made from a stainless steel pipes and the Evolution series is fully titanium. You can have two choices for the ZX-10R for racing which comes with Titanium mufflers or Carbon Fiber. And for the Evolution series, you can have the same choices with the Racing Line, but another special model is the CZ type, it comes with a conical shaped muffler.

The CZ Type Akrapovic Evolution Full system.

One that I had in mind. Carbon Fiber muffler looks awesome on an orange ZX-10R. Carbon is my first choice for my previous slip-on actually. But since they only had the titanium muffler at that time, I don't really mind. This time I would like to get as what I prefered to have.

Akrapovic claims an increase of 14.9hp compare to stock model and a weight saving up to 7.28kg. Hmm.... I wonder why do I even consider to spend all this money just for an exhaust system? Too much poison.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sepang Track Day : 14.12.08

I mount my Sony DSC-V3 on the right slider with the Manfrotto G clamp. The wind force kept the camera pointed up every time I went on the straight line. Must correct this error on the next track day.

Some more I couldn't find my MemoryStick Duo adapter to the MemoryStick Pro. Damn!. I left using the CF card to record this. V3 limits the recording in fine mode when uses the CF card. Huhu... Tought the picture quality could be much nicer.

Could only manage to record on both first lap. Other laps you could only see the sky and how I play with the throttle. Huhu.. Disappointed. But there are always next time right?

I love the Sepang Circuit sticker on the bike.

It's the most enjoyable track day for me yet.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Michelin Power Race : Just Awesome!

Uh..uh..uh... It would be bored to get the Pirelli Corsa III for the third time. I don't plan to get ride my bike in distance for a little while. I would be Awana, Klawang and Sepang for me this coming months, so I decided to get a race tyres and try to lean my bike to the fullest.

I might had considered the Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa. I've tried them Supercorsa on my ZX6R, which it just amazing, so I might have well skip the Pirelli for this time. BT-003 would be price slightly around RM 1,500.00, the Power Race is RM 1,300.00. I had read good feedback on both tyres but my heart wants the Power Race. So I go and get them.

First look, my my my.... these tyre are looks to sharp. Not that round as the other competitors, it much more oval shaped. I'm excited cause that would make it much stable in the corners. I could sacrifice the straight performance for these, but I was wrong. It is great on both. These might be due to the air pressure recommended for these tyres. The front power race is to be put on 29psi and the rear on 24psi. 24? Are I'm reading these correctly? I guess that what everyone would ask. Yup... it just 24.

Since the recommended pressure is 29/24. On the street, I tried 31/28. It felt good. I'll update how the 29/24 would feel like.

I'm ready to kill the Michelin man on the edges of the tyres.

There are 7 compound altogether for these tyres. Each one uses two compound. The soft compound on the front tyre is much softer then one on the rear tyre. You can get them in 3 types. Soft-Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium-Medium. I ordered the Medium-medium, but it turn out getting the medium soft. They only have this option for time being. Oh what the hell. The compound for these tyre clearly stated after the Power Race stamp on the tyre.

I get them fit last week. So I'm very excited for today track day. The tyre was simply awesome. It doesn't misbehave at all. I lean with full confidence. It felt good on wet too. But I wouldn't want to experimenting much more on that condition. Hehe..

Tyres condition after 20 laps in Sepang circuit. I parked my bike with the side stand, after a day look how the small rocks on the tarmac shaped up my tyres.

I told you I'll kill the Michelinman. Huhuhu...

Looks awesome!

BMC Air Filter for 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Getting the best isn't that necessary. Getting that fit you requirement most is.

I option for a BMC Air Filter than K&N since word around is BMC is much better. And there are two type of them, a race version and a street. Hehe.. I go for the race version. It was claim to have 25% more air flow than the street. I guess the air that flow through the air is too much now. I had backfire when install the BMC compare to the standard air filter. Cool!

Fitting the BMC is now that complicated. Take out the tank, and open up the cover than swap it in. 1,2,3.

You can't tell much the different between the race and street version. Even the part number written on the filter shares the same number with each other. The yellow marking line differentiates them. Race version has this marking and the street one doesn't.

Guarantee limits.

Kawasaki ZX-10R OEM filter. Cost you about RM100.00. Recommended To change every 20,000km. But the BMC last for a lifetime.

My standard filter. After 11,000km of usage. These direct ram air system really gave the filter a hard time.

Neatly tuck in. They made them red so it'll be noticeable. Hmm... Correct ah?

So is it good? It's great!

I just took my bike for a track day today. The difference in noticeable. My bike sound better than before. It had that Darth Vader gene a bit. But I might say that to get full potential of this mod, you need to dyno and add up the PCIII. My air suck in to the bike has increase, so you need to play with them fuel injector to balance it back. The back fire I'm experiencing proves that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tyre Choice!

OK. Every 3 or 4 months, I'll back on this dilemma again. Which one to choose and which suites me best for riding in few months to come?

This is my final list.

1. Pirelli Diablo Corsa III
I had been 2 sets of this tyre on my ZX10R. It is great and absolutely wonderful. It is a real balance between street and track. I get 5,500km mileage on this tyre until it reaches the marker. It is retail at RM 1,300.00 for 120/70 & 190/55. I search for these tyres a year ago when it is still not brought in. Mok says it would cost me RM 1,700.00. The jump on the price is due to the stock, the Pirelli distributors doesn't keep them. Now they do and you can get them at the retail price. Corsa III is totally a different character than the first Corsa from what I heard. I haven't tried the Corsa, but Corsa III has my recommendation.

2. Michelin Power Race
This is the new addition to the tyre line up here. It would be best for track use. Retail at RM 1,400.00 (I'm talking about the same size for the tyres here) and I am tempted to have this tried. Great feedback from users around the world. I'm not sure how much mileage you can get on this, but I doubt it can last longer then the Corsa IIIs. It's main rival would be the Diablo SuperCorsa. I found this on the net, Who should buy these tyres? - Track day riders and racers all compounds based on personal preference & street riders who ride “near the limit” medium compound.

3. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa
For track, this would be absolutely amazing! For street use, you have to have a deep pocket cause it'll last only for about 3,000km and retail at RM 1,600.00. I love them so much. I use them before on my previous ZX6R and I swear I wouldn't want to get out from the track with this tyre on. It's useless on wet condition. The rubber is so sticky and soft, you can even see the rubber shaped if you pinched the tyre even when it is cold. This tyre only design for one thing, to make you faster on your bike.

4. Bridgestone Battlax BT016
Favorite tyres among all bikers here. I never used them before, but from what I see, it's a perfect balance for street and track as well. Street price tag at RM 1,100.00, it's a real bargain, so no wonder it's the favorite among superbikers here. I'm sure it has the most mileage among all fours. I got 8,000km with the BT-015 on my previous ZX6-R, so it kinda predictable. You can be extreme using this tyres, not that you can't. So it would pretty hard to leave this tyre from my wish list.

So to sum it up,
1. Pirelli Diablo Corsa III vs Bridgestone Battlax BT-016
2. Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa vs Michelin Power Race
3. Track oriented use or Street/Track use
4. Twisties and short distance ride or Long Way Up and Long Way Down.

Hmm.... So if I get the Supercorsa or the Power Race. I would only concentrate on track riding for a while. Corsa III and BT-016 would suites more for street riding and some track day. I'm not sure we'll going for a long ride for a while, so the time is kinda perfect to try and test those track tyres. My heart wants the Power Race cause I never tried them before ...and I love experimenting. The Corsa III has been excellent on my ten. Supercorsa is too expensive. If I were to get the Battlax... I think I better get the Corsa IIIs. Hmm...