Thursday, February 28, 2008

Track Day, Tuesday, 26.02.08

"Track Day suka-suka: 5-7pm, 26 Feb. Pls confirm mau join atau tak... Ini last sebelum F1." - Sifoo Is sms all of us exactly 14:18:19, 25.02.2008. Good timing I guess; If my bike wasn't in the shop, I don't think I'll be writing this blog today. :P

I got the opportunity to test the Sepang F1 track a few weeks after buying my bike. So did Poji, and now I guess it's Bedah's turn. This spells only works with ZX6R. Period!. Bedah looks more like he had a cold feet rather than excited to get in the track. But few laps around changes all that.

I really like the way you have to enter the pit. It's dark. It's how every intro should be.

The line usually will be "These monster beg to be out there."... Nahh.. You're the soul of the bike, the man between the two wheels, you decide what to do with it. But believe me, these bike do like being punished, the more they scream the more you'll loving it. They are all bad girls. Play with them nice, you can be bad but never do evil.

Yeah... Bedah thinking of having fun, and Poji thinking of shaving up his slider.

Look how much fun Oscar is having.

The results...

"Chicken strips?!! Where? Where?"

Syam just became a dad, and his blasting all the way on the track.

Bedah and his new '08 ZX6R.

Lan smoking going out from the turn.

Fikir just right on his tail.


(He's a man of few words.)

Experimenting different angle and position all the time.

Cheers to our SIC brothers who made this track day possible.

Mig made few turn himself.

In the time of silence and calmnest, the track and the sunset (not shown) is a nice sight to view.

7.15pm : Time to close shop.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kuala Klawang Sunday Ride, 17.02.2008

We decide to go to Kuala Klawang for this week sunday ride. Five of us went to enjoy the nice weather that day ; Sifoo Is, Fino, Mat, Abg Suindra and Abg Jamil. Mat brings along his Sony DCR-HC96E, clamp it on the front slider and he's in for a surprise...

"It's one of my most enjoyable ride actually..., but damned the 002s" - Mat

Sifoo Is leads the way from Batu 9 Hulu Langat bus stop to Batu 14. Mat act as the cameraman and abg Jamil too shy to get in the frame.

Meet up with abg Suindra and Fino at Batu 14, and way we go to the Muqaddimah.

Stage 1 of Kuala Klawang, also know as Muqaddimah among regulators here.

It's K7 turns in Stage 2.

Stage 3. In order of appearance, Sifoo Is, Fino & Mat. Abang Jamil and abg Suindra wants to remain as the free observant.

This is the stage 4 from the Klawang course. Close call for Fino and Mat made the story of the day

What have been done to upload this video, should been done, have to be done and had been done...

...I'm getting an MPEG recorder from now on to complete all 5 stages.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Azlan's Z1000

Azlan posing at Mat's Sony A700

"Yaaahoooo...26.01.08 NAKED BIKE Z1000 telah berjaya asah slider dlm trek sepang. Telah terbukti naked bike pun boleh cecah lutut. Yippie!". This is the exact sms we received from him. congrats for breaking your slider virginity!!!

The Man

The Bike
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TTS at Makbul TTDI

More than RM20k worth of helmets and gears.

The Superbikes

Imagine how many glasses of teh tarik we gulps. No wonder mamaks now they have so many branches nowdays.

its time to go back with steamy eyes.
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superbike fans

everyone loves superbike, wherever we go, theres always people admiring our bikes. A group of tourist from the middle east even had their chance being a pillion on our bikes for a short ride.

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Ninja 2007 - Kawasaki Commercial

Commercial - Suzuki GSX-R 1000-ban

Kemaman(g) bros

Kamal black busa.

from left, che din, kamal and man biaggi admiring the peace and serenity of malaysian forest.

Kamal and the busa

Man Biaggi posing after TTS at Makbul TTDI
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Awana ride 10 feb 08

Oscar from Spain smiling because he just got a brand new clover suit plus a fresh pair of BT015 tyres. Mat thinking what gears he want to buy next.

Man Biaggi(ZX14) and Che Din(BmwK1200S) and Kamal(busa) all the way from kemaman. Thats what great about motorcycling, brought all friends from far just for a ride together.

Oscar still grinning, we can still smell your fresh leather suit
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Poji first ride to Awana 10 Feb 08

2008 kawasaki ZX6 with two brothers pipes.

Coming soon a blue ZX6 to make it the three kwaksketeers

The rider with spanking brand new Alpinestar SMX Air Flo, Alpinestar Leather Track Pants, Puma 1000 boots, Alpinestar GP Pro Gloves and Rossi Limited Edition Ti-Tech AGV helmets. We are not sure what brand of underwear he wears...must be calvin klein.Top to toe from top of the range stuff mannnnn. Who says our economy is slowing down maybe for others but not for bikers.

The owner of the yellow kwaks.
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Friday, February 8, 2008

2008 CBR1000RR

The fireblades trying to catch up with others and they do worked really hard don't they

nice meter dashboard

The rear is detachable and track ready
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