Monday, April 28, 2008

The Makeover

Hmm... Nice indicators...

Sunday Ride Without The Sunday Boys

There's a time when we are committed to family or work, or not feeling well that we have to skip a ride. Just my luck, I guess it's a busy/planned week for everyone this week. I've been wanting and so eager to test my new bike on a Karak Highway and the short Bukit Tinggi twisties. Not having a ride puts me down a bit, but I don't see why I should not go and enjoy the ride by myself. So after confirming there will not be a Sunday ride this week, I got few choices to pick up my route for this week, and I choose the best route there is, the Kuala Klawang.

9.00am is for sure the best time to get started. Like I suspected, it's gonna be a bright day this Sunday and it's a waste to be playing with Astro remote on this kind of day. So I suit up early and I'll be introducing my ZX10R to the corners. I'm feeling like bloging this, so I grab my A700, worried a bit actually that if I crashed, I don't think I could afford to get another awesome camera like this. Hehehe... 10.00am I left my house and went to checkpoint #1. Checkpoint #1 is where we usually meet bikers from the south side. It's a old bus stop, in front of the Batu 9 Police Station.

No other bikers are to be seen.

Snap some shot and checkpoint #1, I head out to Batu 14 where checkpoint #2 is. There is a Petronas fuel station in between, and I fill up my bike there. Checkpoint #2 is either the small stall where we usually get lite breakfast just before the Batu 14 mosque or the small sugarcane shop just a few walks from the mosque.

11.00am. Nope. No bikers here as well. If I'm early, I'll get to meet some other bikers here as well. But they time usually 9.30am at this spot. They like to go early to beat the traffic. We, like Sifoo Is says, like to let the road prepare itself for us first. Then it's more enjoyable to tackle the corners.

So in I go... No pictures when riding ya....

I've make a quick stop at one of my memorable corners in Kuala Klawang. This corner is exactly 25km from Kuala Klawang town. Look how lovely the day is...

It's seem like the ZX10R giving me an expression posing for me on corner she had tackled.
Click on the images to see a larger version. You're welcome to use it as your wallpaper. :P

Love this route. Love it. Love it. Love it.

The standard rubber really impress me. I'm for sure are getting more confident on the Diablo Corsa III. It grips more than the 015, and feels better than the 002. But the ZX10R power scares me a little. It nothing like taking corners with a 600, well kind of.. but you need to get you attention to the throttle more.

11.45am. Kuala Klawang town. Empty seats.

Pearl Wildfire Orange. That's what the Kawasaki named the strong bold orange color. I'm loving it.

After breaking down my thirst. I choose to proceed and take the Jerom Toi highway. It is short, like 5km, so it'll leave me hungry for more highspeed corners.

Last picture for the day. I continue my journey via Pantai , then exit Seremban town and blast my way straight from Seremban to Sungai Besi.

So I guess, it's a smooth date between me and my bike. Would be much more fun if them boys are around. Next week guys.... chow.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My 2008 ZX10R

Here is my new bike guys. Manage to play with it at Sepang the day after it was brought out.
Cheers for the SIC brothers (how greatful I am to you) and Fino snapping my first action pics. :)
- Mat

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shopping in Hong Kong - Part II, Introducing the NEW Kawasaki ZX-10R 2008

On the first part, I've introduced to you guys MotoMart, which basically safe to say - covers all of gear and accessories, so we then went hunting to see some few bikes themselves. As a Kwakers I, Eddy and Poji am... the new ZX1oR is what we like to sought for most.

Kawasaki is brought by Titanic Moto, located at Shell Street, Hong Kong island. Here are the picture of the front store.

The new ZX10-R sits just just in front of the store, welcoming us to admiring it. My first word come out from my mouth is a big Wow...!

It is now named famous as "The Mosquito". I would agree on the looks and the bugging, but it is not easily be wipe out.

Green and black. The black one comes with a matte ram air cover while the green one got the glossy finish. Looks good it black finish, but I'm betting the orange one will have more impact on the looks.

Most talk about ugly signal light.

I've asked Mok Motor to get me this tyre when my original BT015 OEM wear off. Mok quoted my RM1,700.00 due to it needed to be special order and dealers not keeping stock. I choose BT002 instead cause it just freaking RM950.00 compare to this one. Even the Super Diablo Corsa 2 selling at around RM1,500.00. Hopefully these tyre will flood the market and will be on competitive price.

Immobilizer comes as standard. Not sure for model here thou. Ohlins damper comes standard.

Kwak '08 footpeg comes with black finish.

If you're wondering whose head is that, that Poji checking every inch of the bike and finding a reason why not to upgrade.

Kayaba shocks and Tokico breaks with awesome Kawasaki finish.

Looking ugly huh? Not to worry cause you'll only be seeing it backside. Hahahahaha... Enormous air intake hole, definitely allowing lot's of air being sucked at the high rpms.

The new 3 compound Pirelli Diablo Corsa III launch last year.

Easy read and clearly position instrument panels.

Footpeg on the other side.

Another shots at the Ohlins damper.

This one, another bikers in the making... Hehehe.

More sharp edges for the 2008. Side mirror looks much better when it's folded.

The seat feels and looks smaller, will make it easier for quick positioning your ass. The chassis and the swing arm looks very solid. I couldn't wait to see this bike in action. It should be available in Malaysia by end of the month. With the selling price of RM80K, it is almost RM20K cheaper than the K8. I couldn't find a reason not to go for this bike compare to Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki (if you're in Malaysia... If you're wondering why? Only Kawasaki, Ducati and Aprilia has an authorized distributors here, other brands being brought here by the grey importer). With that extra cash and support from Kawasaki Malaysia, it one hell of a bargain.

Or if you look the other way, pay the ZX10R with the K8 pricetag and get free Akra EVO Racing full exhaust system, Power Commander, Puig screen cover and rear huggers, Gilles racing foot peg and 5 sets of Super Diablo Corsa II tyres to spare. ;-)

The New 2008 Arai RX7 RR5 John Hopkins Replica. (This one looks like it's a RR4.. RR5 comes with a spoiler to give you the down force on your head when you;re doing 300km/j!.. yeah right!)

I'm imagining riding the green one, with the new Hopkins Arai and RS Taichi leathers. Yawn.... bed for me, tired of all the travelling around. Chow! - Mat

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shopping in Hong Kong - Part I

My work takes me to Hong Kong this month. Out of the 8 days that I should, I got 3 days to spare because I really work that fast. Hehehe... so what else to do in Hong Kong if you've settle up all your stuff? Shopping! - Mat

Before getting here, I did some homework on locating some bikes shop in Hong Kong. This is Ah Lam Cycle shop. They have two shop each very near to each other. Located at Pak Po Street Mong Kok area, they carry my favourite brand, the RS-Tachi. I couldn't snap photo inside the shop as it is not allowed by the owner. These guys aren't really friendly. Price wise, it is much cheaper than what I can get back home. But I ain't interested on anything now, except if they got the new Arai RX7 RR5 2008 model and the new RS-Taichi 1 piece air bag leather suit. But just as I thought, it is still that new to be available in the maket now.

Still at Ah Lam store, other than Rs-Taichi gears, Ah Lam is the authorized distributors for Aprilia bikes, from the looks of it.

Honda CB parked at the side. Seen few superbike on the road but too fast for me to snap them and show it to you guys.

This is Motomart. Komine, Dainese, Soumy, Alpinestars, AXO, Airoh, OGK, Arai, Shoei are the few brands they carries. The store is quite big too, one of the best to shop in Hong Kong. There is no MTR a.k.a LRT a.ka. MRT a.k.a tube (that should be easy enough to guess what MTR means) to get here, the only way is via a cab as just as what we did, and bus of course if you're very good getting through Kowloon. Locate at Ha Huang Road, west side of Kowloon. They guys here are a different story, they are very friendly and helpfull though out the process of purchasing.

I snap a few photo inside the shop before the lady doesn't allow me to do so again.

That's me with the cam, have to find a mirror to snap myself otherwise I have to chance on getting my pics on this blog. :P

AXO, Elf, Soumy, and Dainese are brands I remember they having on the shoes and boots. Really tempted to get some...

Damn nice helmet. But don;t think it's for sell thou.

Poji crunching up the numbers... The Shoei's Vermeulen is the target. Yeap! It is much cheaper than here.

10% more discount on the glove when you get a helmet, as what they say. So Poji have rows of gloves to try on, multiply by 3 more cabinets. Patiently them salesman entertaint Poji.

Don't know what in their head, either shops too much or it's one worth going places in Hong Kong.

Not just bikes got a wow factor on us. Hey... it's 3.29am here. Think I'll go to bed and review up what i've typed in this blog later on. I'm too tired and it'll be an early morning for me in couple of hours. To be continued....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunday Ride Awana 30 March 08

My cold BT015 rear tyre pressure before ride Front cold pressure
From left Yan,FikR1and Oscar
Sifu Abg Is and FikR1
Kifli with his ride

All revving up to Awana

Synchronise riding practiced by Lan Busa and FikR1

My rear BT015 tyre pressure. An increase of 4.5 psi.
Front tyre pressure increase of 3 psi.