Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Sunday without the Sunday Ride

It's been 11 wonderful months since I bought my ZX6R, and it has been about total of 5 months that I've been missing my ride. 3 months starting on November '07, and another 2 since this year February. O, how I miss soooooooooo much going up to Awana and the Klawang twisties. Good friends in the group too postponed Q1 planned trip to Pantai Timur since I'm unavailable. Thank you guys. Really appreciate the kawan-kawan stuff here. :)

So I'm inviting them all to get together this Sunday, hang around and watch Jerez MotoGP at my place. What would be better to hang out and watch MotoGP together with your friends? Having a good food to go with - that's what. Feels like going down to Penang and pekena nasi kandar, that is my version of good food, but my wife will comment mental out of me. I guess BBQ is appropriate enough for that night task. I decided to get those fresh seafood at Pasir Penambang. Seems like far, but I love going places, so far never been a complication for me. And I love every minute driving my Focus.

It's like 11am on that Sunday. I imagining the guys at their regular space starting to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. I.., I'll be enjoying four wheels instead off two. So me, my wife and my father in law head down to Pasir Penambang. Trip takes about an hour, some twisties on the way to enjoy, but my wife is on labor, so I have to ease up on the gas I guess.

This is the new market, much more pleasant looking. It's like 50 steps from the old market. It still holds the same fresh fish and the same old sellers. Price wise isn't that much different than KL, cheaper by few slices, but what's important is the stuff you're getting here is mostly fresh.

You can tell them fresh fist from the look of the eyes. Flip up the scale and see the gill, if it's still pink and mucus like, that's a go.

Hmm... turn on my appetite writing this blog. Damn... Big size cockle hardly to get in KL. There are extra large size too, bout at least 2 1/2”, RM4.00 per kilo, Malay called it kerang bulu, not sure they they declare it hairy cockle in english thou.

So done getting some kembung, cencaru, kerapu, cuttlefish, udang, cockle, and some crab. We head home via the Kapar route. I stop at my parents house at Kayu Ara and wanted to gave them the fresh kerapu, bought specially for them but they weren't home, so I pass it to my elder brother.

5 pm, time to start up the fire. The 125cc race already started. Weather these days now, the rewarding afternoon are backed with raining evening. But that didn't stop commited riders here.

Oscar first to rang me asking for direction to my house. He misses the first exit to my house like every first timers. Poji next to come and then Eddy, Fino, abg Indra, Bedah and Yan. Other guys I called up are busy with their agenda. Would be more fun if we can pack up more crowds. Next time should plan this better. My mother in law mistaken us wacthing MotoGP for a football game. BTW, Chelsea 1-0 against Boro, and the Reds 1-0 Everton. :)

The Spain MotoGP this round and had a home effect to Oscar. Nice action and drama on the 250cc round and some of us really enjoy the Stoner show.

We are constanly studying and looking for some tips how to get our elbow down like Edwards did on the qualifying session. I think Poji there imagining how the elbow scratch would feel like.

Yup... yum... yum... Eddy and Poji concentrating on the race. That's me in blue there.

On the left corner, kerang and udang, on the right corner, kembung and cencaru. On the top side I got sticks of sotong and the lower corner I got fat of grill lamb. Wooo......

That's it, I felt like eating now... Nasi kandar for me this afternoon. Adios.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

klawang ride 20 march 2008

Assalamualaikum to all frens, you all mesti rindu punya kat blog kesayangan ni, sorry ,im so tied up with my clients insurance claims, recently i've just settled a death & critical illness of Arwah Mohanis Azar. Let us recite Al-Fatihah for his soul. Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. This is my first death & cancer claim. Sebagai umat Islam kita mesti percaya kepada kematian, suatu hari kita akan mati, kita akan menemui pencipta kita Allah S.W.T

Adakah kita bersedia menghadapinya, Apa yang kita tinggalkan untuk anak-anak dan isteri-isteri kita. Adakah hutang atau kesenangan yang kita tinggalkan untuk mereka. Bayangkan bagaimana dengan kos pelajaran anak kita.Janganlah kita fikir kita hidup selamanya kerna kita mungkin tidak sempat bertaubat.

Yang tua tak semestinya pergi dulu, Yang sihat tak semestinya bernafas keesokan harinya. Yang bawa kereta dengan cermat tak mungkin selamat kerna di luar sana ada pemandu mental yang tidak layak berada di atas jalan raya.

Alhamdullilah, kita survive Klawang ride, tetapi tefikirkah kita suatu hari nanti selekoh yang kita seronok cecah lutut tiba tiba dipenuhi pasir,minyak,ranting pokok,lubang dan kita tidak sempat mengelak. Mungkin kita fikir hanya moto saja yang teruk, kita kebal sebab pakai full suit lambang setan. Bayangkan kalau hentakkan yg sedikit saja terkena ke atas spinal cord kita, boleh lumpuh wooo. Masa tu sapa nak bagi anak bini makan bro ,Nauzubillahminzalik.

Adakah kita bersedia, Ingatlah keluarga tersayang. dan ingatlah bila kita tiada, hanya 3 perkara saja yang kita bawa bersama kita sebagai bekalan. 1. Amal Jariah kita semasa di Dunia. 2.Anak kita yg soleh yang mendoakan kita sentiasa dan 3.Ilmu yg dipergunakan orang termasuklah ilmu skill moto...hi..hi..hi

Janganlah lepas ni ada yang nak gantung helmet. i have to stop writing this cos suddenly i can feel the shivers thru my spine, naik bulu roma jugaklah. Sorry Oscar, ask your girlfren to translate this -Fino

Enjoy the pics,

Actually that Thursday morning i've already plan with my wife to shop for groceries, but a call came in from abg Is saying he got a surprise for me.Nasib baik wife sporting, kesian isteri tercinta terpaksa shopping sendiri. Sayangkan isteri tinggal tingal kan. Inilah bahana moto. Kuat betul racun, lagi kuat dari santau.

After dhuha & hajat prayer, i zip up my dainese, crank my gixxer & a kiss to my lovely kids & wife and zoom to BT 14. Bila sampai saja, the surprise are ZulR1 and Blue Laguna Seca suit. Cehhh....rupa rupanya nak tunjuk suit baru. Helmet pun baru tauuu. Tapi kalu boot tu tukar Sidi putih mmmm.....lagi cun.

ZulR1, MSS racer. He rides so smooth and fast, but actually hes just cruising he said. Bugger. click at the pic, zoom kat slider Zulr1....gila slider pun leper habis. Belas tahun punya experience bawa moto bro.


Indra from my view
All ready to push off

Fikri giving tips to Azmi

Che Din..all the way from kemaman. Mana pi Man biaggi,kamal. So long never ride with them.

My doughnut coated with peanut. Why superbike tyres are so expensive? They made it so sticky

Thursday, March 13, 2008

MotoGP-Qatar-Losail 9 March 08

1.Casey Stoner- Ducati 2.Jorge Lorenzo-Yamaha 3. Dani Pedrosa-Honda Beautiful Losail Circuit, Qatar at night.

Who ignite that sparks...hey its from the knee slider

hey guys check the hanging off position of all the bikers...notice the differences among them.

Hopskin with his well known elbow draggin

Friday, March 7, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

rims beware

Recently while walking from KLCC towards my office in Yap Kwan Seng, i notice a biker squating and staring at his tyre. I knew it, he might got a dented rim running over a manhole bump in front of KLCC, so i went to him and said to him "rim dented ke?", ya laaa ,he replied. "lain kali beware cos ramai rider dah kena, & slow sikit, ok bro.
click the picture and zoom to see this eyesore in front of the wonders of the world.