Friday, January 30, 2009

New Pirelli Angle ST Sports Touring Tyre

Pirelli have update their new product lineup for 2009. The Pirelli Diablo Strada which has never been here are to be replace with their new wicked Pirelli Angle ST. The Angle ST has unique different tread pattern that in the shape of an Angel tread and the Devil himself.

Product Manager for Pirelli, Federico Bodini told : “This is a tread pattern that is not only functional but it also has a design that communicates our new concept. We have the shape of angels and demons as the tread pattern as it translates to how the consumer wants to use their motorcycle.”

The new motorcycle tyre - Angel ST will be a single compound tyre, with more of a focus on the same EPT, or Enhanced Patch Technology, thesis that the Diablo Rosso sport tyre was centralized around last year.

Using a complex method of testing the pressure through the tyre, Pirelli has developed the Angel ST to have a much bigger contact patch for improved grip levels.

Don't worry. This not the pattern on the tyre will be.

Here how the tyre tread looks like :

The Angel and the Demon can be seen on the thread and as Pirelli said, it translates to how the consumer wants to use their motorcycle. It best to be said as a The Double Soul, as the people who chooses to buy a Sportstourer, who at the right times, does not want to sacrifice the thrills of the curve and the emotion of acceleration. Angel ST will fits best on a 1400GTR, ST1300, FJR1300 and ZRX1200. Should be best on Hayabusa and ZX14 too. To sum it up, it'll be a close rival to Bridgestone BT-021 and Michelin Pilot Road 2.

The Angel motive clearer seen when the tyre are new.

After 1000km of running in Demon mode, the tread then reflects your riding characteristics.
It's sings, kill the angel and live the demon. Huh. Is this right?

Hopefully MotoMillia as the new Pirelli Moto Tyres distributors will have them in their rack.

2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R Video

Esok gi Mok sign je la warna hitam tu...

MO Editor-in-Chief Kevin Duke recently returned from the Far East where he put the all-new 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R through its paces at Japans famed Autopolis Raceway. Check out the footage and you can get in on the action too!

"Tell you the old bike, really like it, but it was more of a nice bike. this bike, steers incredibly, much better than the old bike, more power always appreciated..."

"The R6 on the race track, great bike on the street not so good... CBR600 our class winner last year, but aa.. this gonna really give it runs for it's money..."

"Tell you it couldn't be a better bike, had a mechanic here trying to set it up the best they can for me, at the end of the day i couldn't ask for any other improvement."
- Kevin Duke

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Kawasaki 1400GTR

The Kawasaki 1400GTR is a great sport touring machine. Gong and me can testify how Tok Mat pulls this bike all the way to Kuantan from Temerloh while our speedo constantly reads the 260km/h following him. He also prove how this bike is great (and he too) on the Batu Arang twisties corners while most of the road are covered with patches and sand. I must admit I like this bike. You've got 155bhp and 136Nm of torque from a re-tuned ZZR1400 a.k.a Zx14 engine with Variable Valve Timing & ram-air. It weights 279kg dry. But it would not agree with me on the usage.

Around the net, the GTR could be improve with heated grips (which we don't use), glove compartment on side fairing (could be good), adjustable seat high (kawi offers gel seat which is more comfortable although the seat itself already are, and you can adjust the suspension bracket to adjust the high of the bike, like your height will differs in a few days huh?), electronic cruise control (errr... nevermind, i'm not planning to leave my attention to the road while i'm flying this monster) and outside temperature gauge (you're already outside!).

So to summarize, this is a near perfect sport tourer for me. Kawasaki made a good job here. A class leader.

More photos :

Side mirror width are well design to match the panniers. So if you pass the front, you'll pass your end. But this might troubles navigating through the traffic, especially when you have those box removed.

Features :

Tyre pressure sensor. No need for regular tyre pressure checks. Sensors deliver that information straight to the instrument console.

Shaft drive. A real benefit for the long-distance traveller - virtually maintenance-free shaft drive.

Electric Screen. Deflect wind and weather with the electrically adjustable screen, reducing fatigue so you can ride further and longer.

12V Socket. An all purpose DC socket with a capacity of 70W makes it easy to use electrical accessories.

Panniers. The large-volume panniers are integrally designed and easy detachable.

1400GTR Motor. Precision engineering is the secret of the 1400GTR’s extraordinary torque delivery across the rev range. Variable valve timing optimises torque for blistering acceleration, yet still delivers smooth power for high-speed cruising.

KIPASS (Kawasaki’s Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System) increases your bike’s security wherever you travel.

Don't worry about losing them. You can order up to 6 unit of them from Kawasaki, you get 2 fobs as standard. The bike sense the nearby fobs within 1.5m range. You can park the bike and walk away while the fob are inside your pocket. It is secured. If you drop your fob after starting the bike, a warning will show on the LCD screen if the bike are away from the sensor range and the bike engine will stay running. If you stop the engine, you only have 10 seconds to start it back again without the fobs before it gets disabled. The GTR will also tell you when the fobs battery are running low.

ABS Braking. Linked petal brake discs all round, and radially-mounted front calipers allied with ABS, ensure composed braking under all conditions.

Tank compartment. Two golden rules of touring – don’t waste space and have essentials immediately to hand. Convenient tank compartment allow for quick access to documents, credit cards and cash.

Rear suspension. Touring riders demand convenience. Rear preload is quickly adjustable to compensate for a passenger and luggage.

Long range. With its 22-litre fuel tank the 1400GTR is in it for the long haul. Comfortably exploit its range thanks to the supertourer’s ergonomic layout and capable monocoque chassis.

Inverted fork. A true super-tourer wouldn’t be complete without adjustable and compliant upsidedown forks.

Comfort seat. You’ll spend hours in the seat of your 1400GTR on your transcontinental adventures. It’s been designed with long-distance comfort as the main priority.

Concentric Instruments. With constantly changing traffic and road conditions, you’ll appreciate the clarity of the concentric instrument panel. All the information you need at the quickest of glances.

Accurate Injection. Precise two-stage fuel injection guarantees dependably smooth power delivery at all engine speeds.

Exhaust. Designed to comply with stringent Euro emissions regulations, the GTR’s exhaust still makes the most of the high-perfomance ZZR1400-derived motor.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R Arrived!

This post is dedicated specially to our Bro Barongan. Hehehe...

This bike is awesome. Of course I haven't yet to ride on one but the appearance already caught my attention. The sitting positing is like getting on the Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7, but the handles feel likes a Kawi. It feels and is much lighter that the previous version. Kawasaki uses lighter materials like magnesium case covers, lighter camshafts, lighter starter and some more stuff to shave up few more kilos on this bike. As claim by Kawi, it's almost 10kg lighter than it's predecessor.

Exhaust goes back to the right side. I like this setup more than the under seat exhaust. And Kawi takes advantages of using less material due to the shortcut.

Rear hugger as equip as standard. A little bit paint would make this hugger look more awesome.

Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 as standard OEM fit.

Rear brake reservoir been located near the engine.

Same Ohlins damper on the ZX-10R fitted to the bike.

Showa's new BPF (Big Oiston Fork) 41mm fork. It features large diameter internal piston. Same system found on the new GSX-R1000 K9. Rebound and compression damping adjuster located on the top end. So you can adjust them easily while you're riding. Yeah! Hehehe... The preload adjuster are located on the bottom.

New meter design. No battery fitted to the bike yet. So no no turn on for me. This one idle at 3,000rpm without starting the engine. Haha.

Pojie's eying on this side mirror for his ZX-10R. Looks cool. And it's very light.

ZX-10R gen. Doesn't have enough fierce looking face like his bigger brother, but still looks good enough for me.

Swingarm looks more solid than the previous year. But I think it's just as good as the ZX-10R. I mean, really like the '08/09 ZX-10R

Lovely in black.

Rear end. Different tail light than the other 09 Kawi sports bike, but looks almost the same.

Immobilizer as standard starts from the 08 model. You get the key when you pay for the bike.

Side air collector for the 599cc turbine jet.

Wanna some piece of me?

Revised RAM air intake.

Lawanya 250 ni...!!

Color options of lime green, metallic diablo black as shown, and candy surf blue.

2 years warranty. Cheers to Kawasaki Malaysia awesome job on parts and warranty. Don't worry about thrashing this bike on the track.

New triple clam. Light saving as on the CBRs.

Again, ain't that weird looking as the ZX-10R.


Easy access H9 & H11 bulb. A great advantages if something goes wrong to the bulb during the night. Then again, these superbikes are damn realible machine.

Same old ergonomic design button and switches. Did it has a pass light? I didn't notice.

Bottom-Link Uni-Trak® with gas-charged shock, top-out spring and pillow ball upper mount, dual-range (high/low-speed) stepless compression damping, 25-way adjustable rebound damping, fully-adjustable spring preload / 5.2 in.

300mm petal rotors disc. Dual piston and dual pad on each side.

Making way for the ground clearance. My my... this bike are well design to be lean.

Clean undertail when you remove the mudguard & tail.

The price increase RM2,000.00 from the previous model.
Net selling price : RM 66,900.00
1 year Insurance : RM 2,087.50 (All rider)
1 year road tax : RM 200.00
1 year PA insurance : RM 130.00
Registration fee : RM 5.00
Number plates : RM 40.00
Hak Milik Fee : RM 20.00
Freight Charges : Rm 200.00
Admission fee : RM 300.00
On the road price altogether : RM 69,882.50
Sum insured : RM 67,000.00

I was THIIISSSSS close on taking one back home for the next track day. Arggghhh!! Apa susah, sign je.. kan?