Monday, June 23, 2008

Something for us to think about

That scoot doesn't have a neutral, and that kid been watching too much motor racing.
Sad too see the reaction from the people around thou.
And I'm myself exposing my daughter to bike and car racing. Huhuhu...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Big Apple Donuts-Paling sedap dalam dunia

The double chocolate my favourite,thats why theres three of it. Even more delicious with a cup of cappucino or latte. A box of 12 cost you RM17, but its worth every sen. well its cheaper than BT016 donuts.
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Riding Lesson

If any rider never miss a single sunday ride in 3 months, i guarantee that that biker will go faster and able to drag his slider, if not i will treat him with the best & delicious donuts in the world.
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MSS 2008

Miss Malaysia,actress,model interviewing

When theres a bike there always a chicks around

ever smiling & joyful AhFai
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MSS Round 3.....SIC ....Dated 15th June 2008

We are proud to be Malaysian!!! number 3 number 3 lah!

What can I say...Its his Camera kan!!!!

MSS Round 3.....SIC ....Dated 15th June 2008
Moving on...

Omar! Abg Suindra kata "Lain kali bawa kereta lah" Dulu its Yan
now Yan is very fast! Go for improvement Omar, all will assist you But
Ride safely yaaa!!
Sape ni?? Kadang2 ada..selalunya takde! thank you Mat
4 asking me to ride your bike...lepas juga rindu bersama

Tahulah Sifoo Handsome orang nya! Apa pandang2, huh?
See the behind of a new suit.

See..what I mean...only he looks at the camera!!!

Abang Iskandar is still the "SIFOO" /Imam in this group!!!

See "SIFOO" kata if the goup is too slow than he will lead using Honda C70!! there4, yang belakang sekali tu...faham2 lah KahKahKah

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it time?

It's here and it's available. The 2008 ZX-10R Akrapovic EVO and Racing full system are here. List price starts at RM11K for the EVO (Titanium Pipes) and RM9K for the Racing line (Stainless Steel). For these price, my tip, ask for the best discount!. Not sure about the slip-on yet, but estimated not more than RM3K. 10 years ago I would never consider to buy anything worth this much just to pleasure myself. Praise to Allah, I could do so now. This is unnecessary, but if I get one I sure damn will enjoy the sound and power this beast gives me.

From this site,
it listed EVO Full system £1,348.20 (about RM 8,633.39), so the price over here are not that bad if you consider government tax, freight and installation labour.

Shown here is the Racing Line Full System with Carbon Fiber Muffler.

Have to ask for more info, but said here the authorized distributors only brings in the titanium muffler, I think Carbon Fiber looks much nicer. Power & performance for EVO and Racing should be almost equal but EVO line have 1.56kg weight advantage over Racing line. If compare EVO to the stock system, Akrapovic claims an increase of 14.9bhp and reduce weight to 7.28kg. Err.... I can't even keep those 161.3 horses down.

Worth spending that kind of money? Well eventually you'll spend your money anyway, so why not?. Thinking of a nice vacation with my wife and kid, but then after, I'll be dreaming of this again. :)

Wonder if they can insured it?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Priceless Moment for RM 280.00

A regular track day fee in Sepang F1 Circuit cost RM 100.00. Ah Heng the photographer was there on the 5th June track day. He makes his living by taking shots of wannabe like me and sell them pictures at a reasonable rate. For my case, RM 100.00 for a package that includes 5 pics in high-res JPEG on a CD and 5 A4 prints. The fuel and 5 bottles of 100 Plus cost me another RM 80.00. So for the sum of RM 280.00, I got a priceless result. Doesn't sounds logic ain't it? - Mat

I guessing this shots taken at Turn 2. Ah Heng panning skills are great! A knee dragging snap would be much nicer.

Still guessing it's a shot on the Turn 2 exit.

Should be Turn 3. A worthy to be a wallpaper. :p
Click on the images for a larger view.

Turn 7.

Probally Turn 7 as well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008