Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gasahol vs Gasoline : Pumping for fuel in Thailand

In January 2007, Thailand has replace Regular 95 gasoline with 95 gasohol. Regular 91 gasoline are still allowed to survived but will be replace in stages until year 2012. So what is gasohol? And does it differ with our fuel?

Gasohol is actual a mixture of gasoline and alcohol, mostly ethanol. For the time being, Thailand gasohol is a mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol, coded E10. The mixture proportion is to be increase in later time. When? I don't have any idea. Can't read Thailand that good. Can't read Thailand at all!

Gasohol has been proven to have some disadvantages against gasoline. I experience 2 weird thing on my ZX10R while riding to Phuket early this month. Mr. Gibsi told me he felt his bike, which is the Kawasaki Z750s, underpowered after clocking 300km from Danok. I didn't really felt the effect since our riding pace are between 120-140km/h.

The first thing to be notice on the fuel is the color, looks like a Shell V-Power from the naked eye. It's set your mind that this fuel is already different.

The second thing is when we fuel up in Trang, I exposed my bike to a direct sunlight, with the temperature I guess that day felt like 32°C-33°C (or maybe higher). I've always fill up to the fuel reaches to the tank's lip. After just a few minutes, the fuel came out from the overflow pipe. This experience showed me the fuel is easily evaporated. An alcohol nature. From there I kept watch on where I parked my bike and always looking for a shaded area.

The third thing is while we on our way back to Danok from Phuket, we're on the highway 44 which is a long stretches of 100km going to Surat Thani. All five of us has a blast on our bike and my bike topped 300km/h with some effort to do so. On the 6th gear, when doing 260km/h, it felt like forever climbing to 300km/h. My bike are on a standard setup, and it never felt like this. So it is noticeable that the bike has loss some power. I do blame on the fuel. This prove to be right when we are back in Malaysia, after fueling at Petronas Bukit Kayu Hitam, then fill up again at Bukit Merah, the power come straight back again.

When we fill up at Pang Nga Shell Station on our way back, as always, I was just looking at the octane numbers. Kawasaki recommended a gasoline 95+ Octane and above for the ZX10R. So a pump with label 95 should do fine. Here, the pump attendant lift up the pump and said "Gasohol?". I'm a bit puzzle myself, if not, why do the pump attendant prompt me it's gasohol. Isn't it just a fuel? We didn't have any gasohol here, so what the heck gasohol actually is I really don't know. After safely arrived back only I did some digging on gasohol.

Digging on the web, there are no superbikes design to cope with gasohol. Manufactured vehicle for Thailand are actually design and approved to used gasohol since 1995. But bikes which are imported from Japan and Europe doesn't fit in the list.

So when riding in Thailand, it your not going for a long way journey, I think it should be safe to pump gasohol - for a short period. But if you planning a ride more than 10 fills up. Do try to look for gasoline.

Basic guide on the Thailand pump station is :
REGULAR 95 is labeled in Yellow
REGULAR 91 labeled in Red
GASOHOL 95 label is Orange
GASOHOL 91 label in Green

Although this might not correct for all pumps, it is mostly true for most of them. Do try to fuel in Shell, Caltex or PTT which is mainly a reputable gas station. My tips is, if you're bike can accept Ron 90+ and above, go for the Regular 91. Check the sticker label on your bike's tank, or check your bike's manual. But I guess, I can't confirmed because I didn't really notice, the price for Regular 91 is much more expensive than gasohol 95. Wait... Yup it's true. I've just browse the Net. Reg 91 somewhere 29.54 Baht (RM 2.99) and E10 Gasohol 95 is 25.74 Baht (RM 2.61). Notice Regular 95 is 36.64 Baht (RM 3.72) and only available from Petronas, Caltex, Susco and PT.

Update daily source here.
While gasohol advantage is that it might produce less emission, studied about 2% less than gasoline, it is reported to give less power than gasoline and lower mileage. Gasohol is also not friendly to older fuel injection and carburetors, even a new fuel injection which is claim to resist gasohol, it is not design for it. This case are meant on a superbike. Carburetors are claim can be damage with use of gasohol either in short or long term use and not very friendly to the plastic parts of the carburetors.

In other countries, there are arguement of using gasohol. But the noticable argument is about the cost of gasohol compared to the gasoline and is the consumer likely to gain advantage in using gasohol which in some country priced gasohol at gasoline price tag.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gibsi Needs Help!

Gibsi called me somewhere in 3p.m. reporting his van are stuck in the sand of Besut. I received this MMS close to 7p.m. and looks like he is not progressing.

Where they actually at, I really don't know. No local to help them. I already tips Gibsi to look for the firewood while it is still not dark. Looks like you'll going to overnight on that wonderful sandy beach yea? Sorry Gibsi, aku nak gelak... Muahahahaha.... Say hello to Eddy as well.

Wei.. your phone can 3G to view this blog or not? Tu la, sewa Ranger aku kan elok. Hehehe. Ca alif but....

Test Drive Unlimited

Wanna top 299km/h in the heart of the city without being suicidal? Get your self the Test Drive Unlimited available for PC, Xbox, PS2 and PSP. It's an arcade style racing game which I'm sure, will glue your ass to the seat.

Available from local store near you. Just remember, don't try this on the streets!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cape Town to Victoria Falls

Spare 33 minutes of your time to watch this video. The journey is from Cape Town South Africa to Victoria Falls Park in Zimbabwe. This is my dream, minus the 5 star hotel. F800GS should do fine. A month without phone. Just a GPS, a sleeping bag, touring fits with a plastic card and a safe way to keep USD$10K in my pocket.

I'm ready to guide them from KL to Golden Triangle if they want another Ultimate Adventure. We're going on a Jap's SBK this time. Hehehe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

May Ride : Confirmed InterASEAN Ride!

Hi Guys!

Yesterday TTS confirmed your route plan and launch hour which is on the 1st May 2009 at 06:30am at RnR Sungai Buloh. Here are the route.

Note :
1. Bring along passport, carrying bag, sandals, t-shirts, shorts or jeans, toothbrush & paste.
2. There is no speed limit set by the group, but highway speed limit is 110km/h and main road is 70km/h.
3. Your bike actually can go up to 300km/h or more.
4. Ride in zig zag formation if you want to stay in the main group, who want to be fast or slow, meet at the next checkpoint. Always try to ride with at least one other member.
5. Be punctual on the first meeting point, you should be in Betong within 11am and have much time to relax.
6. Day 3 ride will be exhausting, but doable. Signal friends if you are tired.
7. Twisties zone is mainly at Gerik area. Elsewhere it is mostly a straight line.
8. Ask for more riding tips from the Sifoos and Abangs.
9. Make sure you bike and yourself is in good condition. Do at leaset a minor exercise within this few days, this ride didn't just test you cornering angle, it more to endurance and your stamina level.

Budget expectation :
1. Chip in RM 50 to Abg Suindra at the meeting point, he'll manage the dinner and lunch bill as you'll eat and dine together.
2. Hotel rate is about RM60-70 per night. Save more on an extra bed for the room. Instead of sharing with 2 guys, 3-4 is much fun and you can stay awake all night with the chit chat.
3. 1,284km, means about 6 times fill up, so fuel will be about RM 125.00 plus RM 40.00 fueling up at Songkhla. Fuel up to the max before getting to Hat Yai-Songkla, fuel in Thailand is RM2.80 compare to RM1.90 here.
4. Change some ringgit to Baht at Caltex Gurun. Insurance for a bike and a whitecard is RM18.00, the counter there is helpful and he'll get everything prepared for you.

Confirmed participant as in previous post.

I wist you all a safe and fun journey! InsyaAllah it will stick to your memories as a fun one!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Michelin Power One

Just when I'm adoring the Michelin Power Race so much, a quick browse on the internet says that this tyre are being replace with the new Michelin Power One. The first time I saw this tyre was on the Kevin's bike. It just look awesome. I can't wait to try on this tyre. (Yeah Right! With what?!)

This DOT-approved race rubber comes in 20 different models and 8 different sizes with 9 different compound. You guys can looks at for Michelin guide on the best tyre suited for you.

The hint on the tyre is A for soft, B for medium and C for endurance (hard). There's also a slicks & wets version available for the consumer. Price are just as the same with Power Race. Indeed it's a revolutionize replacement for it.

Too bad for MotoGP that is missing all this fun. Same goes to the F1 too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 BMW S1000RR Rumored Pricing

Word on the web is, the BMW will price the all new S1000RR bike which is schedule to debut at the World Superbike race on May 29th at Miller Motorsports Park within price range of the big four Japs, with expectation of just 10% higher. It will not compete along with Ducati 1198 or KTM RC8.

"We intend to take the four Japanese head-on. We did not intend to build a motorcycle like Ducati does or KTM does. We wanted to build a mainstream motorcycle," says Pieter de Waal, Vice President of BMW Motorrad USA.

For the sake of the fun of it, let's imagine. AutoBavaria Malaysia enjoys the same advantage Kawasaki Malaysia have, having the rights and APs to bring the bike here. So if the pricing structure is as attractive as the web claims, you can guess that the S1000RR should be around somewhere of RM 94.6K on the road. If this is true, R1, CBR and the Gixxer would have a real problem. But still, this is just rumored.

MSS 2009 : Round 1

I miss the MSS Round 1 held in Sepang on th 19th April. I heard the Japan guy's bike Mr. Yasuhiro Kuhara, CBR1000 08, is too damn fast. Even left Zamani wanting Haji Azka's K7 to teach him some lesson. What ever it is, I congratulate the one who stand on the podium. Keep it up guys.

BIKES - Race 01
Superbikes / Superstock
1 Yasuhiro Kuhara 17:40.319s
2 Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin 17:58.980s
3 Ismael Swajli 18:19.558s
4 Lee Ching Hooi 18:26.646s
5 Remon Azreen Abdul Karim 18:26.944s
6 Kida Yasuji 18:32.451s
7 Sebastian Mehler 18:34.640s
8 Paul Erik Jensen 18:42.424s
9 Omar Ali Abdullah 18:42.610s
10 Hiroshi Yamashita 18:43.231s

1 Azlan Shah 18:06.571s
2 Nils Uschida Zakariassen 18:23.038s
3 Ahmad Faez Yahaya 18:32.913s
4 Steven Ong 18:38.657s
5 Anvalagan Rethinam 18:47.419s
6 Safarin Hasibon 18:49.132s
7 Yusran Yahya 18:49.555s
8 Mohd Erwan 18:54.472s
9 Khairun Nizam 18:55.734s
10 Emmanuel Jebaray 19:12.550s

Production Bikes
1 Mohd Rizal Jantan 15:52.315s
2 Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin 15:54.181s
3 R. Karigalan 16:40.807s
4 Mohd Kanafi Kamaruddin 16:48.612s
5 Ahmad Nizam Mohd Hashim 17:00.008s
6 Azman Kusban 17:02.716s
7 Subhan Human 17:04.010s
8 Khairul Nizam Yatim 17:25.756s
9 Kamarun Abd Karim 17;28.302s
10 Mohd Hamimin Muhammed Zais 15:53.848s (1 Lap)

BIKES - Race 02
Superbikes / Superstock
1 Yasuhiro Kuhara 17:04.977s
2 Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin 17:12.994s
3 Ismael Swajli 17:38.709s
4 Lee Ching Hooi 17:39.137s
5 Remon Azreen Abdul Karim 17:43.010s
6 Omar Ali Abdullah 17:48.027s
7 Paul Erik Jensen 17:52.999s
8 Kida Yasuji 17:53.143s
9 Sebastian Mehler 17:58.605s
10 Keith Parrot 17:08.041s

1 Azlan Shah 17:22.499s
2 Nils Uschida Zakariassen 17:51.035s
3 Shaiful Bahari 17:52.765s
4 Safarin Hasibon 18:03.832s
5 Steven Ong 18:04.219s
6 Ambalavanan Rethinam 18:09.587s
7 Mohd Erwan 18:14.803s
8 Mohd Anuar Salleh 18:16.794s
9 Oliver Castillo Jr. 18:16.973s
10 Yusran Yahya 18:20.346s

Production Bikes
1 Mohd Rizal Jantan 15:59.335s
2 Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin 15:59.433s
3 Mohd Kanafi Kamaruddin 16:45.202s
4 Ahmad Nizam Mohd Hashim 16:45.206s
5 Azman Kusban 17:04.060s
6 Mohd Radzi Saidin 17:04.127s
7 Mohd Elyas Wong Abdullah 17:04.689s
8 Hadli anak Jembik 17:11.860s
9 Mohd Hamimi Muhammad Zais 17;14.307s
10 Mohd Raziz Mohd Johan 17:14.963s

Point Standing (Top 5)
Superbikes Open
1 Yasuhiro Kuhara 50
2 Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin 40
3 Ismael Swajli 32
4 Lee Ching Hooi 26
5 Remon Azreen Abdul Karim 22
Superbikes Novice
1 Keith Parrot 50
2 Loke Kee Ho 40
3 Anaz Shazlan Azizan 32
4 Davide Bandiera 21
5 Azman Abd Ghafar 21
Superstock Open
1 Joshua Sri 50
2 Mohd Edham Khalid 40
3 Martin Poh 32
4 Wong Wai Mon 23
5 Mah Kin Wai 22
Supersport Novice
1 Mohd Erwan 45
2 Yusran Yahya 45
3 Khairun Nizam 32
4 Mohd Ridzwan 26
5 Rahmat Masrul 22
Supersport Open
1 Azlan Shah 50
2 Nils Uchida Zakariassen 40
3 Steven Ong 24
4 Safarin Hasibon 23
5 Ambalavanan Rethinam 21
Production Bikes
1 Mohd Rizal Jantan 50
2 Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin 40
3 Mohd Kanafi Kamaruddin 29
4 Ahmad Nizam Mohd Hashim 24
5 Azman Kusban 21

Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Honda CBF1000

Hanging out at MSC PJ last night. I spot a Honda CBF1000 brand new parked right at the corner of the store. Retail price should be around RM 90K. This bike is based on CBR1000RR engine but has been tune for city/touring riding style which Honda build it to be a all purpose bike.

Siem Reab anyone?

Specifications :
Engine Type : Inline 4 Cylinder, Liquid-cooled 4-stroke, 16-valve DOHC
Engine Displacement : 998 cc
Bore & Stroke : 75 x 56.5 mm
Compression Ratio : 11 : 1
Carburation : PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Max. Power Output : 72 kW/8,000 min-¹ (95/1/EC) (96bhp)
Max. Torque : 97 Nm/6,500 min-¹ (95/1/EC)
Ignition : Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
Starter : Electric

Gearbox : 6-speed
Final Drive : #530 O-ring sealed chain

Dimensions and Weight
Length x Width x Height : 2,176 x 827 x 1,175 mm
Wheelbase : 1,483 mm
Seat Height : 795 mm (±15 mm)
Ground Clearance : 135 mm
Fuel Capacity : 19 litres (inc. 4-litre LCD-indicated reserve)
Dry Weight : 228 kg

Wheels, Suspension and Brakes
Wheels Front : 17M/C x MT3.50 hollow-section 6-spoke cast aluminium
Wheels Rear : 17M/C x MT5.00 hollow-section 6-spoke cast aluminium
Tyres Front : 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W)
Tyres Rear : 160/60 ZR17M/C (69W)
Suspension Front : 41 mm cartridge-type telescopic fork, 120 mm axle travel
Suspension Rear : Pro-Link with gas-charges HMAS damper, 120 mm axle travel
Brakes Front : 296 x 4.5 mm dual hydraulic disc with 3-piston callipers, ABS floating rotors and sintered metal pads
Brakes Rear : 240 x 6 mm hydraulic disc with 3-piston calliper, ABS and sintered pads

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Songkhran Festival & Phuket Bike Week : Part III

Upon arrival in Patong, Phuket, we check in at the Boomerang Inn. Nice spacious room with Mat Nor getting a queen size bed while I got the single size. The water flow is as strong as getting a good back massage. I text up Mr. Epol that we have arrive. He then with Barongan and Bedah came in. They rent a small scoot for 200 Baht a day. How convenient to travel along the Patong beach with it.

A pillion is not required to wear a helmet, only the rider himself. That's what I like about the town. No speeding that I notice along the road. The loud bikes and aggressive riders mostly aren't the local people. Epol and the gang just went to the beach party. We then get to our own way because the Langkawi Bikers has arrange a dinner party at Kamala Beach for us. We later then see each other again at 10 p.m.

Dinner is set on 8 o'clock. We have the opportunity to walk around the town. The ambient felt like being at Batu Feringgi, but more lively and happening. I would just love to get them seafood, but we didn't notice any halal food stall yet. Some more there isn't much green leafs in my wallet, so the desire need to be hold for a while. A lobster like this cost 1000 Baht a kilo. Man... I'm not suppose to go cheap if I have travel 1,000km to get here. But there is always some other day.

Patong beach form in three main streets. As you walk around, you'll go back to the same spot later in an hour. It is really a nice place to visit. I know my wife would love to come here and I love to explore the food with her.

A tut-tut can carry up to 7 person. I don't know how much the fair really is, but we got ourselves to Rawai which is about 25km away from Patong, cost us 1000 Bath for 7 person for a return trip.

After a short walk in Patong, we meet Albert from Langkawi who has join us at Boomerang Inn later that evening. Another private beach party is held at Kamala Beach and we had our dinner there. The road is exactly like getting from Tanjung Tokong to Batu Fereinggi. But a few surprise of an offroad ride suspend us a little. Going through the steep hill with a ZX10R or ZX14 isn't really a good idea. But we manage to survive. It left us wondering how to climb back up again thou.

They served us with unlimited roti canai, grilled fish, chicken curry and rice for dinner. But we have to pay for the drinks. Good huh? This is my doing before I remember to snap the picture.

Hafiz, Abg Wan and Albert. A nice guy and always have a good point when he is talking. My last pack of cigarettes finished here. Time for some Thai flavored cigarettes from now on. Surprisingly, a pack of 20's here cost cheaper in Malaysia. But taste aren't the same.

After filling up our stomach to the F marker, we sat down at the beach and shared some ghost stories. The tsunami effect are still in memories here.

An hour relaxing on the beach, 5 of us decide to explore Patong ourselves. We then shoot back to our hotel and park our bikes. The Phuket Bike Week beach party are just a walking distance from our hotel. It was Saturday and the crowds are getting bigger by the minute.

Remy pose for something to remember.

The main entrance. Public are welcome.

Here, together with Songkran festival, make the Phuket Bike Week some special event. Lot's of custom bikes are displayed here. It really is great to be here.

We snap a lot of shot like this.

The registration cost 150 Baht. They got themselves a tag and... what else?

Some of the attraction. You have to stand out from others to get noticed here.

Goodies and survinior are also sold here.

Not just custom. Chopper and easy rider are popular model at the bike week.

At the center, there's a stage where live band and some exiting shows are performed. But it's all free to the public. AC/DC played that night. It sound just like them. It left be believe the real AC/DC is in town. But Angus doesn't look and played original enough. A van promoting live Metallica and AC/DC bold the marks even more.

Not just surviniors. DVDs from classic bike movies to the latest MotoGP shows are also available here.

I told you I snap alot of picture like this.

This Harley got my attention. It end up belonging to our bro Lan Haga. He open a booth here too as I notice the Jokers For Life banner hanging up there. I didn't notice him until tomorrow's night.

After the long walk and going through the crowd. He hang out at Dubai, a small restaurant just exactly in front of the Bike Week's gate. A can drink cost 30 Baht, a coffee 40 Baht and a briyani rice at 220 Baht. He ended up eating a few times here until the last day we found a stall selling a fried rice for 50 Baht. Hmm...

Epol then join us here and take us for a walk.

Epol had came here more than once. He know his way around. Najib shops a boot for his lovely wife. Couldn't find the right one thou.

Not just the big custom bike caught my attention. This lovely scooter would make a popular model if they are launch and rightly price here in Malaysia.

The big one cost 2,000 Baht a kilo. I still tell myself that I should get it later.

The end up walking up to the Bangla Street. Nice view and a very happening night life here. Pubs and bistro open until late night. Manage to watch the EPL Chealsea vs Bolton game in suspend. Chelsea got lucky.

Songkhran Festival & Phuket Bike Week : Part II

I didn't recall the name of the hotel we stayed in. I think we all just kinda exhausted from the ride. Abg Wan had made arrangement for our stay and food. We each all pay RM 400 to cover all lunch and dinner including 4 night stay. It's a real bargain. After cleaning ourselves up, we meet in the lobby for tonight's dinner. The rain starts to fall again.

While waiting for other Langkawi bikers, I forgot to count but I think it's about 11 all of them, we just chit and chat and review the whole wet ride.

To get to stretches your leg after 5 hours of ride is priceless. We meet Hafiz here who then tag along with Remy Zx14.

Damn! I forgot the place's name as well. It's just 50 steps from the hotel. The food here is great. Everyone can testify how great the tea is. We are served with ulam (raw vegetables) and sambal belacan first. And the sambal belacan was outstanding!


Tom yam that is served with. Outstanding as well.

All the pack of us enjoying a fine dinner.

After dinner had a nice tour within Danok town. I get back to the hotel and installed the GPS mount at my bike. It's a simple wire connection to the battery and tying up a few screws.

I had a good night sleep. Shared the room with Mat Nor and both of us doesn't mind we drop all the gear and put some loud Akrapovic mufflers sound while we are sleeping. We are to assemble back in the lobby fully geared at 7a.m. Me and Mat Nor were late. The cause is the late chat and we watched MU vs Porto which game I missed last week. Hehehe. Sorry guys. But then, it happen to be a habit of me to be late in the packs. Huh!

A little foggy in the morning. A Doa to ask Allah protect us through out our journey. Alhamdulillah everything went well.

After starting our journey, we pump up after about 80km of riding. The petrol here cost average of 26.00 Baht per liter, almost about RM2.65/l. Choices of RON is confusing a bit confusing.

A little snap and posing on the camera. We're riding in Thailand!

Najib try to make a get away. I caught him in the act. Err.. The are nice restroom up the in other corner. I guess it's the urgency that he had to dealt with.

Here's Hafiz on first guy on the left.

We cruise along the highway 41. Not much bump on the road and none potholes that I see. Thailand made a good road but the tarmac compound is a little bit slippery-smooth to our tyres. And the open highway gives everyone to cross over as they please. Yet it felt safe. The Thailand's driving attitude is great.

Something here caught my attention. Didn't cross in my mind if their sneeze thou. Huhuhu....

I pass on Trang about 10 o'clock. We had our breakfast and refuel here.

Our cruising speed on the highway is aroung 130-140km/h. You can't top too much on these streets. Somemore the marshall is unpass-able.

In the streets of Trang. We didn't get the opportunity to explore the town more, so 5 of us planning to spend more time along the way back.

Local food you have to try if you're here.

In 30 minutes we assemble and regroup to continue our journey.
Next stop to refuel is Phang Nga.

My bike & Mat Nor's advised fuel is to get the RON 95 and above. While Remy, Shahir and Najib is RON 90. But we all pump 95 instead.

Najib had 40 second nap. That's enough for him.

The fuel looks wired. The sign stated is gasohol. It's a fuel consisting of a blend of ethyl alcohol and unleaded gasoline, especially a blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. So does it the fight fuel for us? I still in puzzle mode. But me and Najib swear our bike performance are a little bit downgraded with this fuel. Maybe the ECU need to adjust by this fuel. Some more, a labeled 91 cost more than 95 which is 29.50 Baht.

Never mind what the bike drinks, for us we just need plain water.

We then being brief that Phuket is just about 80km away from our stop. That is exiting. Most of us request to stop on the bridge. There are lot's of other bikers pass along. And most of them stops here as well.

The weather is perfect and the sun is just right. Look at the blue sky. It's so beautiful.

Najib best post.

Local fisherman boats make the scenery much more lovelier.

I snap some local who love to see big bikes passing them.

About 20km away from our hotel, we had some trouble with one of our bikes. The coolant seems leaking too fast. Shahir spot this and we stop to let it cool down for a moment.

We didn't rectify the problem instantly. It then turn out to be a cracker radiator hose. Three of us leave the bike here for a while and head down to the hotel. Later Abg Wan and his guys came back to solve the matter. No harm done.

It's hot on those leather suit. We three then when on to the hotel with two bikes.

Group again with the boys at Patong Beach. Where we stayed.