Friday, August 21, 2009

Panasonic AG-HMR10 with AG-HCK10 Camera Head

Looks like Panasonic answer Sony's HXR-MC1 with this guy, but with some twist. Panasonic separates their recorder and camera head with this awesome POV solution. The AG-HMR10, which is the AVCHD recorder, connects to the AG-HCK10 camera head via HD-SDI connection. The awesome news is, AG-HMR10 could also accepts any other camera or signal as long as the connections are HD-SDI. How great is that! I still wonder how the AG-HCK10 camera heads powers up thou. The cable must be dedicated since it can carries power and audio as well. I can bet a lot of professionals will grab this recorder and be in the field for their awesome function.

AG-HMR10 accepts low cost Panasonic flash media solutions, the SDHC card, that can records up to 180min on a professional high quality mode in a 32Gb SDHC cards. Equipped with 3.5" LCD, HDMI & HD-SI output, speaker, mounting threaded holes. Features on the camera head is 12x optical zoom, 1/4.1" 3MOS sensor, built-in microphone, cable optional up to 10m. 1/4" socket mounting, 43mm lens filter size. You can control the Panasonic OIS, iris, focus, zoom remotely from the recorder when using this two combo.

The kinda not so great news is, the recorder alone will retail at USD $2,600 and camera head is USD $1,800.00. Street price is yet to confirm but Sony HXR-MC1 retail at USD $2,999.00. So, onboard high quality video shooting anyone?