Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'08/09 ZX10R ZXRR Replica

I love this! I love this!


Nice color...

Saving the best for last... Muahahaha

Picture credit to

North East Cost Ride Weather Update

Based on Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia, weather is good. It should be a nice ride.

Location Kuala Lumpur :
Friday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Storm, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/33°C
Sunday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Storm, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/33°C
We move out in the morning 8.00a.m.
We will arrived in KL by night.

Location Penang :
Friday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Raining, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 25°C/32°C
Saturday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Clear, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 25°C/32°C
We move out before 12.00p.m.

Location Kota Bharu :
Saturday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Clear, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/31°C
Sunday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Clear, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/31°C
Should be OK to go down to Kota Bharu for dinner.

Location Kuala Terengganu :
Saturday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Clear, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/31°C
Sunday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Clear, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/31°C
Should be a nice beach ride.

Location Kuantan :
Sunday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Rain, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/32°C
Prepare for this, better reach Kuantan and get our dinner here.

For Trackday boys Sepang :
Saturday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Storm, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/32°C
Sunday - Morning : Clear, Evening : Storm, Night : Clear
Min/Max : 24°C/32°C

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

North-East Cost (Utara-Pantai Timur) Ride

Cofirmed date is on the 31st October 2008 - 2nd November 2008.

Update (30/10/2008 01:41.M.):
New Route Map ver.1.1

List of confirmed participants :
1. Mat ZX10R (aku nak jadi sweeper yang tak perlu menjalankan tugasnya sepenuh masa)
2. Epol ZX14
3. Eddy Z1000
4. Pojie ZX6R
5. Bedah ZX6R
6. Abg Suindra ZRX1200 (Guru Disiplin)
7. Najib Z750s
8. Yan z750
9. Hazmi ZX7R

List of possibilities :
1. Syam SRAD
2. Syam CBR900
3. Abg Aziz FJR1300
4. Amir FJR1300
5. Tok Mat GTR
6. Mat Nor GTR
7. Fino K7

Confirmed dah tak dapat join :
1. Fadhilah CB400 Ada kursus tak boleh nak tunda.. :(
2. Sifoo Is unavoidable work :(
3. Abg Raja
4. Che Din K1200
5. Man Biaggi ZX14

Rumah dah confirm for both stops.

Road condition along Gerik Highway (credit to

Lovely lovely green.

Nice sweeping corners.

I love the tarmac.

Will post the weather condition 7 days before we move.
At least we can plan something... get your self a rain jacket for your bags too.

Changes in plan :
1. We might reach Penang in the evening. Najib z750s will join us from Taiping and he'll brief us his prepared activity for us during the TTS.
2. We gonna take the Sungai Petani route, not going to Kulim, the route from Baling to Gerik is much nicer. So have to forget going to Pengkalan Hulu.
3. We gonna take the beach road going towards Kuala Terengganu.
4. I don't know Kota Bharu that much now, hopefully bro Fadhil will guide us to a nice dinner spot.


Click on the image to enlarge it.

Trip preview :
We meet at Sungai Buloh RnR 09:00am . Fuel up here, there's an Esso station. Further up there's a Petronas at RnR Rawang. But try to fuel up where all members fuel as well, so no one is left behind and you'll not cause any delay to other members.
I'm sure you guys know well about the PLUS highway (E1). So road condition is not a problem. Maybe we stop at Tapah check everything is OK. We have our first stop at Simpang Pulai (Hehehe... Ada rasa mau masuk sampai simpang Pos Slim pun OK..)

Then we head up to Penang. Insya-Allah we'll arrive there somewhere in the afternoon. Plenty of time for you guys to relax. Pergi ronda2 kat Penang, pekena pasembor, nasi kandar, asam laksa.. Huhuhu... lepak tepi laut, Gurney Drive, layan la perasaan anda di sana. Eddy's house got three rooms, should be comfortable for all of us (Thanks to him & his brother, Jeffry.)

We get out when everyone is OK. I think that will be about 10:00am. This one a little bit bother me, from Penang to Kulim and to Baling, the road is little bit heavy with traffic. Lorry drivers and traffic lights banyak sikit. Another alternative is we go up to Sungai Petani exit on PLUS E1 Highway and ikut Kuala Ketil, I don't know the road condition from Sungai Petani to Kuala Ketil, but I guess it's not that bad for a superbike to go through. Difference in distance is just 26km.
I think you'll enjoy Baling-Pengkalan Hulu-Gerik-Banding-Jeli Route. This will be ultimate for knee dragging and lots of sweeping corners. The view is also breath-taking. Enjoy your ride at this point. We'll have our lunch at Gerik, make a stop at Pulau Banding.

Bridge to Pulau Banding.

The corners.
(jangan takut.....)

Road condition. A+++!

We'll get to Jeli around 01:00-02:00pm. Top up somemore fuel here. Alternatively, if you guys not that tired and still want somemore, we can go down to Dabong. Boleh lepak kat Gunung Stong, layan air terjun. If we head from Jeli-Jerteh, route is a 92km only, but for Jeli-Dabong-Kuala Krai-Jerteh, huhu... a boost to 195km. The route you all have expereince before, but Dabong to Kuala Krai is a one way lane, small kampong road... (macam Gua Musang nak masuk simpang hway GM-Simpang Pulai.. remember?). I'm OK je... Huhuhu...

So sampai Jerteh dlm petang kita rehat, lepak-lepak jap. That evening I'll go get some fresh fish at Kuala Besut, they sell just along the road. Maybe we make ourselves some ikan bakar after we get out to Kota Bharu and have dinner that night. But it's all up to the majority. Next morning have to wake up early, like 07:00am. I'll take you to the best nasi berlauk in the country. We have to travel like 10km from Jerteh to Kuala Besut, it's not that far, and the road is just a straight line all the way. Pakai seluar jeans or panjang, nanti satu kampong tgk ada pakai seluar hawai... hehehe.. segan lak aku nanti.

There is a hot spring water or kolam air panas situated 31.4km down south from Jerteh. I personally never swim there, just into that area. So if there's no rush, we can go there for a legally nature spa.

We pick our gear like 10:00am and head down to Kuala Terengganu. There are alternative also here. The road from Jerteh-Setiu-Permaisuri-Kuala Terengganu is being upgraded. Last trip I went there few months ago is still not being finished. We can try jalan pantai, Jertih-Penarik-Merang-Batu Rakit-Kuala Terengganu, got some construction as well, but very nice scenery, we'll ride just few meters away from the beach. The original proposed route is 106km, the alternative is just 112km. I was thinking of proposing this route as well. I don't remember any fuel station along the way, but that is not a problem. Can stop at those beautiful sites as well. Hmm... Great idea too.

Reach at Kuala Terengganu at noon, grab ourselves some lunch. And we head down to Kuantan. Merchang and Kerteh also got some road upgrading in progress. At Kuantan we eat seafood at Tanjung Lumpur, then shoot to Termerloh RnR, and safely head home to KL.

Any more ideas are welcome. I must stress that there are no commitment in this ride. And we don't have to be in someplace at certain time. There is no rush in riding and we all wait for all members to check in at every checkpoint. What's important is relax and enjoy the ride. We'll discuss this more in TTS this Friday. See you all there.

Update (18/10/2008 11:53A.M.)
1. After our discussion, there are minor changes in the route from Penang to Gerik. Insted of the original plan Penang-Kulim-Baling-Pengkalan Hulu-Gerik, we will go up to Sungai Petani, exit there, through Kuala Ketil, on the Kuala Pegang bypass and head down to Baling. From Baling, will take the Baling-Gerik expressway, the road are claimed to be as nice as in Pulau Banding. So there's no going through Pengkalah Hulu ( no tom yam la..), skip that and set out next checkpoint to Gerik. The road is not showned in google maps, but it's is there. :)

2. From Jerteh, we'll take the beach road to Kuala Terengganu.

3. I'll update the map on Monday.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Akrapovic Optional Link Pipe for ZX10R 2008

From the Akrapovic catalog :
"Measurements of the Akrapovic SLIP-ON OPEN +optional link pipe system on the Kawasaki ZX 10R (without noise damper):
Power & Torque: The Akrapovic SLIP-ON system will deliver a big power and torque increase from a simple modification. Power output is smoother over the entire rpm range. We measured a max. power of 171.6 HP at 12350 rpm on back wheel and max. power increase of 10.3 HP at 12400 rpm. The torque is increased over the entire rpm range, which is exceptionally useful for more comfortable and smooth riding. With our SLIP-ON systems you will also save 3.48 kg in comparison with the stock muffler."

I didn't blog when I install the slip-on. I've always been a fan to Akrapovic. The finishing and performance are excellent. I ordered my slip-on with the optional link pipe because the full system is too damn expensive. Attaching a slip-on is mainly for the sound. Akra is unique for me, the noise is well kept on the low rev and it'll sing high note on high rev. Just great when getting home late at night from TTS without waking up the neighbours.

I ordered mine from Mok Motor. Who else for me? Hehe... the link pipe has been misordered. So that day I just installed the slip-on. I want to test my bike for a few months first before modding the exhaust. So I can appreciate how the Akra feels. It was great in torque, but I sacrifice the top-end. On Sepang straight in standard, it could reach up to 280km/h at the end, but on the Akra I could only manage 265km/h. No PCIII is installed, but that must be it. It's still runs on the standard ECU programming.

After close to three months, Mok gave me a call, jus like Ah Meng, "Wei... itu link pipe sudah sampai liau...". Hehehe... another music to my ears.

The link pipe. It's made from a stainless steel. But it'll stain anyway.
Hollow.. nothing is inside.

Goodies that comes together with it. Nothing much, no manuals. The manuals are shipped with the slip-on.

This one have to go. Hehe... Akra claims it save me 3.48kg, but I just gain weight 5kg.
Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. That's why I'm playing futsal!

Ah Wah is fitting it. He only use the hammer.
Nahh.... I'm just kidding.

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Perfect fit.

I managed to get a MotoGP voice out of this bike for a while. And I was thinking on holding to this config. Hmm... Bad idea.

The looks after finish isn't noticeable. Just like a standard.
...and I'm loving it.

Overall, the RPM increase much more better, smoother. Since it's is direct now, the sound are much more excellent too. How does it performs? Gonna wait for tomorrow.

15.11.08 22:02 : Update :

I've tried the slip on with the link pipe for about three weeks now. Previously I use the stock for 3 months, and just the slip-on for another 3. I love it! There is no backfire, and I didn't even do any mapping or install a PCIII yet. I've ask few riders behind me and they confirmed there was never a back fire from this setup. This must means that the mixture of air and fuel are well. But a PCIII of course will make sure it went well from all the RPM range. The torque improvement is very noticeable, it has been notice since the slip-on was installed. But with link pipe, it is much more smoother throughout the RPM, you'll love the low and mid. Top range is not that good. RPM ranging from 10k-13k is a little disappointment, but acceptable for the performance gain. Sounds great too, especially on the high range.

My next step is the BMC air filter, still in dilemma over race and street version, then probably the PCIII.

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Hehe... I got this sticker cut at Pak Su. The template is saved in his computer so you guys can just get it there.

Reflective white on a candy plasma blue.

Mine one are just plain black, the blogger logo background change to yellow or else it'll be fade by my pearl wildfire orange.

Nice touch too on a matte black. Should be nice too on the Kawa classic green.

Brembo 19RCS Radial Brake Master Cylinder

I got a call from Ah Meng on the Saturday before the MotoGP. "Wei! Your brembo arrived already!". Heh heh... It was a music to my ears. So I set a date with him yesterday 8:00p.m. and get them master cylinder fitted.

Once I arrived, Ah Meng give me this package. On top of it is a price tag with a THANK YOU note. You're welcome! Sorry I forgot to set my cam ISO to the lower setting, I used 3200 when shooting us playing futsal the other day.

Contents of the package. All the sponge has been thrown away. There's the master cylinder pump, microswitch and a feet of cable, manuals and sticker for each side of the bike.

This why they call it micro switch.
Awesome.. no need to mod or add another switch like the previous Brembo pump.

The main unit.

Disassembling the stock radial master cylinder made by Nissin.

Hmm.. I wonder how to get into Sepang turn 1 without having a front brake. It's a suicide.

Radial master cylinder give you more feed back compare to the conventional master cylinder, which usually the pump is located horizontally . By logic, you can get a much better feel if the pump direction you're controlling is the same direction of the lever you're pulling. I spot a lot of technology being implemented on the 19RCS. From what I read, the 19RCS is made from forged aluminum alloy. The unique features of the 19RCS is the capability to switch between 19x18 and 19x20 configuration. If you wonder what's the numbers stands for, 19 is the diameter of the cylinder in mm. Where mostly the size that most high performance master pump use. It's an ideal size, where balance for performance meet. Some OEM Brembo such as for Yamaha uses 16mm. 18 and 20 is the distance between the lever's pivot point and the plunger that pushes into the cylinder, in mm as well.

The 19RCS is set to 19x20 configuration. Recommended for street use.

The 19RCS is set to 19x18 configuration. You'll notice the push rod moved closer to the lever pivot point. The red label tells you that the Brembo is ready for an extreme action. This is recommended for racing. Since the push rod move closer to the pivot point, you need to pull the lever more than in 19x20 configuration to get the same braking effect.

Fitting the Brembo. Suddenly my heart start pounding faster. Not sure why, maybe I thought the breaking will be too excellent. Then I'm thinking about Ducati and R1 brakes, if those guys can do it, so could I.

Ah Meng voluntarily throw in the Motul DOT5.1 brake oil. I must say that DOT4 is far good enough for my kind of riding. But it ain't much of a big deal. DOT5.1 needs to service regularly, compare to DOT4, but it can stand more heat.

DOT5.1 is much more sensitive when it's expose open to air. It's suck the humidity much more then other DOT class. A few minutes doesn't hurt thou.

The 19RCS comes with a folding lever, in case you high or lowsided your bike, the lever is fold from the impact so it won't brake. Will save you a hundred ringgit from the repair bill. But I not planning on going down, hopefully. :)

Eeee... What's that? Can change setting ah?

Previously I upgraded my hose cable to HEL steel braided hose. I also throw in EBC HH pads.

Vacuum sucker is a handy tool to bleed your brake oil. Old fashion way still usable, where they use syringe, but this one make it much easier.

Finished install. The Brembo and Italy color tag is a nice touch.

This one will be kept safe for a while.

Mr. Kevin, another ZX10R owner looks interested in the product too. Hey, I'm not selling this Brembo, just sharing a nice product that I know.

The feel is great! I can't wait to test it on the tracks. I highly recommended these upgrades.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, finally, we played futsal! I was amazed with Najib for bringin' his whole team. Without him and his friends, I don't think we could ever build up one futsal team. I set up with bro Kiff on Wednesday to play at section 13, Petaling Jaya. Like before, it almost got canceled as usual. But Najib saves the day. And yes, finally I played!

Playing on a 3 court is not for a lazy guy like me.
I don't think I could survive 10 minutes.

Najib and his gang, about 11 of them including me.
So we up for 5 a team. They arrived about 10:30pm and the next free court is an hour later.

My wife and kid joined me. But since it's getting late, I have to sent them home first.

Pojie. Lot's of skill action coming from him.

Told you.

A cigarette is a healty way after a great exercise.

Full of funs.

Err... about the cigarette, I'm bluffing. This one does the job.

Then after, we head down to Section 14 for a mini TTS. It was raining. But we're not bikers that night, all of us drove.

This guy love to pose.

Maggie goreng then after. Hmm... need to play futsal every day la like this.