Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gilera Fuoco 500

If I have the money, and fulfilled all my financial obligations, this is something that I want in my garage. Gilera Fuoco 500 is a fun scooter. Just as fast as you want it to be and as comfort as a commuter should be.

I just that bored that day. As we decided to go for a new TTS location, I still think the fun of going is the journey itself. So I called up Mok, to try out his scooter what it felt to be on a three wheeler. He is always kind enough to give the assist.

Don't bother about the key chain. That is free.
When I got the key, I'm kinda impress on the key itself. It's look more a car's key than a bike's. But that's nothing special. Until I found out the seat are being open by the remote key. Hah! Fuel cap are to be open from here. There's a helmet sign almost on it, but I didn't explore the function.

Press on the button and I make believe the door is open.

The compartment are big. Technically, I didn't pour any water inside to see how many litres it could go. The info should be on Gilera website. It can hold a fullface helmet and Gong's most important finding, to hold a laptop. 17' still can go I think. Note the light in the compartment, very convenient as I when to the TTS that night.

Instrument panel is continental. Easy read even on bright daylight. Warning and monitoring light are highly noticeable. Two trip meter available and reminder for service also there.

The tricky fork locking module (I don't know what it's actually called) are left on the right handside. Once you master this mechanism, there's no need to put your feet on the ground even the scooter are stopped on the redlight. But it takes a while to get the use of it. I mean in just a few minutes.

Hazard light and pass button within reach. Horn needs to be upgrade. European doesn't like it loud. But here it's more like necessity.

492.7cc cubic engine produce enough power delivered to the rear wheel on the CVT automatic variable speed drive with torque assistance. You'll top up to 150km/h easy on this, more if you outspoken it for a while.

Looks like a bug. A lazy old caterpillar actually. But looks always are deceiving.

Remember there's three tyres to maintain here.

From this angle. It's just weird.

Exhaust sounds like a plain scooter. The tail may looks like a plain plastic, but it's really stiff.

Supercharger on board.
I'm teasing you!
Great built quality and finish.

The suspension works well. Cornering ability is outstanding. But you have to get use of the two wheels response.

I have no idea.

Comfort are well position sitting posture. You'll love to travel long hours on this scooter. Handbrake and all purpose gripper are located in the center. Yes... there's a handbrake. But don't try doing 180 with this okay.

While travel on the long hours, the seat are well design to get you comfy. Malaysia flag doesn't come as standard. That airbrush cost him about RM800 more. Hmm...

I love this Scooter, but as the price tag is RM45K, it should be for the market such as a car's lovers would get a Smart.

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Unknown said...

where to get it?only at welly?
how is it so far,reliability,service maintenance cost etc,full tank range and is it fun all the way?must be!