Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Motosikal Mok Superbike Shop

Fino had reviewed Ah Ming shop at Jalan Ipoh with most of members in the group comfortable with in the earlier post : fast, clean and good service. Mok Motor is another alternative for us, located at Wangsa Maju. It was introduce by Saiful ZX14 to me, and it's where I bought my ZX6R from, then Poji, then Eddy and Bedah. I've been here since then - Mat.

The shop is located Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju to be precise. A crowded place at night for a teh tarik. But there's always spaces. Mok has been here quite a long time. Newly rebuild showroom upstairs and service works at the lower. Mok holds most of the superbike parts and the prices are very competitive among other shops. But don't take my word for it, do survey around first guys.

Here's the man, Mok. His 53 this year. I know little brief of his history, he's a used to be racer himself back in the old days. That experience come handy when maintaining a superbike. He's more to old school / mechanical stuff and know how to advise his customer well, and newbies like me learn great stuff from otais like him.

This is his son, Ah Wah. Know most of his ways around any bikes. Got good hand on the bike and handles them very well. Not much of a talker but always get the job done.

Mail is the otai mechanic. There is another mechanic Mat, who most of the time stays at the back of the shop. He sometimes rides to Awana too. I didn't have the opportunity to candid him in action. I overheard his mom pass away yesterday. Al-Fatihah.

Snap the new K8. The emboss silver R really put a wow factor in the machine. Gonna be hard choosing the new K8 or the all new ZX10R... (this is a tips here guys.)

One of Mail doing. I'm not interested enough to know how things work. But I like the way they work.

Motul 7100 for a bike is like having a spring water at 3000ft. It's freshness all the way down to the bottom, not that down ya...

Mok Motor at night. Close shop depends on customer, usually till 9pm. Most of Mok customer hang out here till 10-11pm. Including me that day. Mok usually hang out with them for a chit chat and getting to know them better. Essential for businesses like this and it's the main key. Peoples talk, like me, and when you're good to people, people always recommend you for other businesses. Way to go Mok. Keep it up.

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Cláudio Barbosa said...

jawatan yang besar! Motosikal adalah semangat saya